What Makes a Web Address?

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How to Convert OS Grid to GPS

The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system used for air and ground travel. The Ordnance Survey is a mapping system for Great Britain. GPS and the OS system use different models for their coordinate systems: GPS uses longitude and latitude, while OS Grid References are based

What Is a News Feed on the Home Wall on Facebook?

The Facebook news feed is a condensed view of your friends' activity on the site. While not every single action taken by friends shows up in the news feed, the most important information -- such as status updates and relationship changes -- does. Use the "Edit Options" link at the bottom of your new

The Home Page in IE7 Won't Change

When launched, Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser will load the website set as its home page. Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) enables users to change the home page to any website via the Internet Options application window in the Tools setting. However, any one of three conditions can lock the home

How to Put in a Kindle Gift Card Code

You can use a Kindle gift card to purchase devices, books or other Kindle accessories from the Amazon website. You could enter your gift card information at checkout, but then you'll be unable to use Amazon's 1-Click service, which stores your information. The easier way to redeem your gift card is

How to Stop a Redirect Bug

If you have a bug on your computer that makes it so every time you try to navigate to a particular site, your Web browser redirects you to a different site, you likely have a virus on your computer. You can fix this problem by deleting the virus that causes the issue from your computer. You can use

Is There a Way to Password-Protect Ustream Videos?

Ustream is an online video broadcast website created in 2007. The site allows users to broadcast live content and features a variety of material, including talk shows, sporting events and other activities. Users can present their material publicly or privately by adding a password to their stream.

What Are ILO Servers?

ILO servers are HP ProLiant servers integrated with intelligent remote management processors for virtual presence. ILO is short for Integrated Lights-out. This technology is updated continually, and works only with certain server operating systems and client operating systems and browsers. HP often