Creating a Web Page in Linux

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How to Connect a Laptop to a Desktop Monitor

When working at home or at the office on a laptop computer, it is often preferable to have the larger screen available on a desktop monitor. Most laptop manufacturers anticipated this need and have made it simple to connect the laptop to the desktop monitor. Once the drivers for the monitor are inst

How to Add a Faded Background to an Image in Photoshop

You can create a faded background behind an image in Photoshop using a few tools that you may already be familiar with. The first is the magic wand tool, the second is the gradient tool. This process can put any type of background in any color behind your main image.

How to Change a Hard Drive in a PowerBook G4

The PowerBook G4 is a dependable laptop that many people continue to use even though it has been replaced by newer models. The design of the PowerBook G4 makes it possible to open it up to replace a defective hard drive with a new one. The procedure for replacing the hard drive does not void the App

Video: Importing an Address Library from a Mac to Gmail

Video Transcript Hi, I¡¯m Skylar. You'd think it would be difficult to export information from Contacts on your MAC and get it imported to Gmail. At least I did. And so I designed an automated work flow in order to extract all those contacts and save them into an Excel workbook and...

Making Money Online

?Making important online is not characterless; control emergency qualified is fresh leeway whereas than strikingly before. true isn't again incumbency never stage irksome whereas wanting being the internet exists. single foolish interest about embodied is ...

How to Use Calendar Control in VBA Excel

Knowing how to use a calendar control in Microsoft Office Excel can make your application more dynamic. Excel is a spreadsheet application commonly used to analyze large amounts of data. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a computer programming language developed by Microsoft to automate routi

How to Buffer Sound

Increase the size of your audio buffer within Windows Media Player, in order to reduce the frequency of pauses, delays and freezes during audio playback. Audio buffers store streaming audio ahead of playback time, in order to play the content in what is known as "Real-time." Adjusting the size of th

Signs That a WD External Hard Drive Is Dying

External hard drives are known to fail for a number of reasons, stemming from normal use to extraneous circumstances, such as exposure to magnetic waves or extreme heat. Because hard drives are composed of many tiny mechanical parts and a platter holding the data, if any one part doesn't work proper

Bug Tracking Benefits Software Developers and Their Companies

Unbeknownst to most software consumers, the existence of software bugs in newly released programs is expected and often times known by software developers. What might initially look like a quality control issue actually has three very understandable causes.

Search Engine & Pay Per Click

Search engine refers to the online programs which searches for documents and data related to a particular keyword. When a user is searching for any information then he can feed the related keyword int

The Internet And Health

When we think of the Internet, we usually think of the wealth of information that it provides us with. But the Internet isn't all fun and games when it comes to public health. Here are ...

How to Use Aim Tunes

AIM Tunes is a feature exclusive to AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) users. The plug-in allows users to listen to the music on their own computer as well as the music of other people on their Buddy List who have the plug-in. AIM Tunes is completely free and is compatible with AIM versions 6.5 or higher.

How to Make a Computer Inventory

Keeping track of your computer inventory is critical to effectively managing your IT assets and budget. Even on a small network, it is important to track each piece of equipment and know its location, warranty dates, configuration and other critical data. An inventory can also speed up workflow for