How To Read And Open Small Memory Dump Files

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How to Make Google My Home Page on Mozilla

Mozilla is the parent company that owns the Firefox web browser. Firefox has gained popularity thanks to it being able to provide an alternate web browsing experience. Unlike Internet Explorer, which works only on Windows PCs and Safari, which is largely used on Macs, Firefox is a web browser that w

Notable Schools and Universities in Reading

The London Road Campus is the unique university internet site and still hosts yearly graduation ceremonies. Meanwhile, the Bulmershe Court Campus, positioned in Woodley, houses the Institute of Schooling and the School of Overall health ...

Which Security Solution to Choose?

A lot of people ask me which is the best operating system for them, what is the best antivirus, what firewall protects them better and so on. From the start, I must say that there is simply no such thing as "the best" in software area.


Define IOCTL - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

How to Make Photographs Into Books

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a photograph book can speak volumes. Photographs are items that many people hold near and dear because of the memories and emotional significance they represent. Unlike photo albums, photo books give your photographs a published look, and can make effective co

The Types of Broadband Connections

Today, there is no other technology faster than the broadband in transmitting pages and pages of data, pictures, videos and different kinds of files via the internet. The dial-up connection can in no way compare to this service in terms of connectivity, speed etc. Broadband is available in 3 differe

How to Connect to Unsecure WiFi Hot Spots

It seems you can't take two steps without being within a wireless network. Almost every business and home has a WiFi connection. Because of worries of people stealing wireless Internet connections, a lot of businesses and homes have a secured network to keep people out. Still, though, some homes and

How to Upload Large Videos to YouTube

Uploading videos to YouTube is not a difficult process. You may have discovered, however, that larger files often seem to stall out. This is because YouTube will only allow files less than 100MB to be uploaded in the standard way. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't make it clear that this is the case, s


Define noindex - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

How to Make Meez Pictures

Meez is a favorite online social world because you can create and customize your own 3-D avatars. Use them to interact with other avatars in your own or other people's rooms, with full movement. A disadvantage of the site is that your avatars can exist only in this world. It does feature a simple ab

How to Add a Proxy to FoxyProxy

FoxyProxy is a free, open-source add-on that serves Mozilla's suite of Internet products, which includes the Firefox web browser. The add-on allows users to configure custom proxies to increase the security and anonymity of their Internet surfing experience. The program is designed to be intuitive,

How to Invest in Internet Domain Names

A domain name is the foundation for any website. Just like the price of a particular area of land can appreciate, so can the price of virtual real estate. As Internet businesses continue to boom, the demand for high-paying domain names is skyrocketing. Investing in domain names is one way to make mo

How to Create HTML Email in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver, Adobe's Web development tool, enables you to create any kind of HTML document, such as a Web page or email message. If you're familiar with writing HTML markup, you can use the Code view to type an email with HTML tags. If you'd rather style the email visually, Dreamweaver provides most