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Bedroom Arrangement Ideas

Turn your bedroom into a den of rest.luxurious bedroom image by Paul Hill from Fotolia.comA bedroom should be a relaxing place conducive to rest. By taking care when arranging your bedroom space, you can ensure that your slumber chamber is set for sleep and increase the likelihood that...

How to Make a Sleeve Valance in Sewing

If you can use your sewing machine to sew a straight line, you can redecorate all the windows in your home with this one basic skill. A valance is basically just a rectangle of fabric with a sleeve for the curtain rod to go through it; so once you learn how to make a sleeve valance for one window yo

Top 5 Must Have Home Decor

They say home is where the heart is. Many dream of a well-furnished home fitted with world class amenities and modern comforts. Home d©cor plays an important role in the planning of a well-furnished home. ...

The Best Shades of the Color Green for Bathrooms

The best bathroom colors for you will depend on your design preferences and how bold or understated you want your bathroom to appear. Green is a favorite home decor color these days, and there are several shades of green that will complement the bathrooms in your home, whether the space is for you,

Decorative Pillow Styles

Decorative pillows feature textured fabrics with a tailored button at the center.pillow image by Adrian Costea from Fotolia.comIn 2006, archaeologists discovered a hidden tomb in the Valley of the Kings. They were surprised to find "six feathery pillows, almost perfectly preserved in the...

San Antonio Patios

Patio structures can be constructed attached to the house as in most cases. These structures can also be constructed on an independent basis too. When the patio structure stands free, it can be a best ...

Italian Interior Home Design

The way homes in Italy are designed and decorated has changed during the last few decades. Italian homes now reflect the tastes of the homeowner instead of simply following traditional trends.Today's simplified approach to home interior design in Italy favors unique and beautiful pieces that are fun

How to Hang a Sconce Beside a Picture

Historically sconces held candles that were necessary for illuminating rooms before electricity had been invented. Today sconces are primarily used as decorative effects. Hang a sconce beside a picture after considering the surrounding wall decorations, windows, doors and fixtures. Placement of a sc