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Motivate Your Motivation

This week you finally did it. You brought the gym bag out of storage and joined a spinning class. Or, you finally decided to quit smoking. Or, you bought that juicer and have vowed to ...

Happiness and the Endorphin Rush

Some say that the long distance runners in our society are addicted to the endorphin rush they get from running. This may be true to some extent, and speaking from personal experience, you will not find me denying it. Being in a euphoric state of mind is a nice thing and it is amazing that the littl

The Straight and Narrow

Over the last few months I have been working with a lot of our clients in the area of accountability for their team. Specifically how to develop a system of accountability that allows the job to be do

Guaranteed Weight Loss - 'You is It!

Years ago I had an incredible mentor. This man was an inspiration and amazing guide who led me from one phase of my life to the next. He was a tall, stocky, strong man who always arrived to teach his seminars in the most pristine condition. Well groomed with an immaculate suit, he would deliver incr

Weight Loss

Traditionally, people go on a low calorie diet in an effort to lose weight. Our bodies react to this calorie reduction by lowering its metabolic rate, so we don't burn calories or lose weight. The "Shifting Calories" eating style, however, involves shifting certain types of calories a

Hypnosis and Your Fitness Goals

Everyone's heard of using hypnosis to "cure" your fear of public speaking or flying, or to "make" you stop smoking or biting your nails. But, can it actually help you to ___ (insert your personal fitness goal here)? First, let's take a look at what hypnosis is, what it

Reality Check - Calibrate Your Life

Reality check is something more than a check-up and rearrangement of your goals. It's a five-step process aimed to raise your awareness, interrupt the mental patterns and incorrect assumptions, bring your awareness to the true purpose in life and plan your life from there. You broaden your view

The Real Meaning Of Time Management

One key reason most of us have so much trouble with "time management" is that it's called "time management" rather than "task management" or some other more accurate label. Manage time? Don't be silly.

Obesidad: Rompiendo El Hbito De Comer Mucho

Las personas en todo el sabemos que es la obesidad, pero sólo me queda reiterarte, que es una condición en la que el exceso de grasa corporal se acumula hasta el punto de que pueda llegar a ser perjudicial para tu salud.

Leadership Development - A Star Is Born?

Every leader wants a star on the team. Someone who is a game changer, who can make great things happen with seemingly little effort. Some leaders want nothing but stars on the team. If a member isn't a star, they just aren't right for the team. This attitude is becoming more prevalent, esp

This Debunks All of This Stuff

This debunks all of this stuff and says that age sex gender I place a her at the has virtually nothing to do had in Canada for instance I mean the biggest contributor is is ...

Success Is A "Choice" Away

There is talent in each of us that goes untapped year after year, day after day. What are you waiting for? The right time? Better work hours? The beauty of life lies in the journey. Though the journey has many pitfalls, twists, and turns, don't forfeit the journey by waiting for better work hou

Hospital Treatment After Stomach Cancer Surgery

According to the Mayo Clinic, stomach cancer (or gastric cancer) is not very common in the U.S. but is more prevalent in other parts of the world. If the cancer is detected early, surgery may be all that you need to remove the tumor. Regardless, as surgery is likely, you'll almost certainly have to

Why Resistance Training Leads to Quick Weight Loss

Learn why dieting alone does not lead to rapid weight loss. Find out what you must do if you want to have rapid weight loss on a consistent basis. Learn how to start a rapid weight loss program if you are in poor condition.