How to Become a Leader in the Eyes of Those You Admire

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Even Ships Adrift End Up Somewhere

Everyone faces a crisis in life from time to time. Personally, I think I've had enough for several lifetimes. Sometimes life is compared to a boat on the sea, over which you're the captain and navigator. You know where you want to go, but there are elements out of your control. Storms can

Learn The Tricks Of The Trade With Learning Hypnosis

The world of employment has changed drastically in this information-driven world. Before, specialized skills and knowledge in your chosen field of work is enough to get you a promotion and a good salary. These days, though, employers are placing greater importance in well-roundedness and knowledge t

Believe In Yourself And You' ll Change Your Life!

”IfYou Believe You Can Or You Believe You Can't, Either Way You're Probably Right…”You may have heard someone say this about beliefs. It sounds contradictory, even ridiculous, but you had better believe that it's right! Understanding your

Transform Your Min - Transform Your Life

I know you've heard the saying "What a man thinketh, so he is. Well this article is about a brief snapshot of how you can change your thoughts to manifest what you want out of life. If you are looking for wealth, good health, relationship, etc. this article "keeps it real" by hel

Executives - Get Unstuck From Low Resilience

Are you resilient? Are the people who work for you resilient? Chances are that your answer is that both you and the people who work for you could be more resilient. Resilience is the ability to bounce back after change or a set back. It also is a measure of flexibility and even hardiness. We see lac

Expanding Your Mind

By expanding your mind you can create an outlook on life that will challenge your perceptions and can only be of benefit to your intelligence. We could all use a major overhaul of our attitudes from time to time (even me).

Advantages Of Digital Photo Printing

Night mode recording is just a very useful technology that enables you to capture video in near or total darkness. You could wish to consider buying a 3CCD or perhaps a CMOS featured camera for an even more professional look.Feel free to visit my web-site; Gopro coupons (

Faith - The Invisible!

What (if I may ask) made the wall of Jericho, Goliath the giant, the Red Sea, the Egyptians etc disappear? It is faith in, plus action on God's word! The invisible and unseen but spoken Word of God took them out of the way!

Where Is My Soulmate?

This is a question that I have asked myself on many different occasions. Sometimes I would ask myself, "God, "Why didn't it work out with him?", or "What's wrong with me?! Why am I still single?!" I would ask these kind of questions in anger, hurt, and disappointme

Cherishing Memories Past and Holding Future Hope

The older we get the more we realise how relatively short life is. And in all of this reflection what's reinforced over and again is how imperfect life is. But this life isn't all there is. Our limited lives, and the limitations within life, should simply remind us there is something more,

Stop Trying To Get Organized

For years I obsessed over being organized.Then in 2006 I realized it was the wrong way to go about things.I will explain everything... and it will probably change the way you live:

Is Your Identity Secure? Let's Make Sure!

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Victims come from all walks of life - from everyday people to celebrities like Tiger Woods and Rosie O'Donnell.According to the Federal Trade Commission, which operates a nationwide identity theft hotline, there were 43,839 victims