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Self-Settled Supplementary Needs Trusts Allow Beneficiaries to Contribute

Planning for the future of a child with special needs involves the use of a variety of legal tools. A Supplementary Needs Trust is one of the most widely known and widely used of these tools. Parents and guardians involved in special needs planning will want to establish a Supplementary Needs Trust

How to Stop a Judgment in Minneapolis

Judgments are legal motions brought against a person for emotional or financial distress. Any individual or company in Minneapolis, for example, can bring a judgment against you if just cause is demonstrated. A credit bureau, for instance, can track you down via a judgment and make you pay unpaid b

How to Prove a Constitutional Violation of the Establishment Clause

The first phrase of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution bars the government from ever making a particular expression of religion an official expression sanctioned by or a part of government. Though it specifically limits only Congress and only in making laws, because the amendment was ratif

How to Get a Copy of Your FBI File

The FBI, or Federal Bureau of Investigation, allows U.S. citizens and lawfully admitted aliens to request records. Two acts--the Freedom of Information Act, also known as FOIA, and the Privacy Act--make these requests possible. If the FBI has a file on you, you are allowed to request that file. You

Texas State Probate Law

The Texas Probate Code provides the law governing probate matters, including the making of wills, rules of inheritance without a will, administration of estates, establishment of heirs and appointment of guardians. Certain assets, for example community property or property held in joint tenancy, may

How to Contest a Restraining Order

You can take steps to fight a restraining order if one is filed against you. Temporary restraining orders are issued until a case has been heard in court to determine whether to make the order permanent. Hiring a lawyer will allow you to take full advantage of all the legal options available to you.

The Importance of Estate Planning For Your Peace of Mind

Estate planning is an important process, where you will be legally documenting your assets and property sharing decisions. Your 'Will' will be legally executed by your attorney after your death. Property planning can also be a crucial step to secure your financial future too, as almost all

Do I Have to Serve as a Personal Representative, Trustee or Guardian?

What if your uncle has named you to serve as the Personal Representative of his estate, the successor Trustee of his trust or his preneed Guardian? And what if your uncle becomes incapacitated or dies and his attorney contacts you to let you know about your appointment, but your really don't wa

How to Write a Marketing Specification

A marketing specifications sheet, sometimes referred to as a "marketing requirements document" or a "spec sheet," is a document that specifies the details of a product or scheme for which there is a market. Typically, a product manager or other business professional writes marketing specifications s

Estate Executor Job Description

If a person is listed as the executor in someone's will, he will have the responsibility of settling the decedent's affairs after death. Serving as an executor does not have to be complicated if the executor is aware of his duties and knows where to turn to for assistance, if needed.

How to Find Deceased Family Wills

A will is "a legally executed document" that is "a legal declaration of how a person wishes his or her possessions to be disposed of after death," according to That's why, after a person dies, it's important that the will be located. If you're the administrator of someone's estate, you'

Why You Need to Hire an Attorney to Plan Your Estate

When considering if you need to hire an estate planning attorney, remember this - estate planning is serious business. One wrong word or one missing signature can change the entire intent of a will or trust. Here are three reasons why it's so important to find and hire a qualified estate planni

How to Create a Volcano for Prekindergarten

Pre-K kids love watching a miniature volcano erupt. It serves as a basic earth-science lesson about lava flow and what’s under the ground, and watching the lava come up out of the fabricated mountain reinforces learning in an exciting way. Little hands may get involved in the project by helpin

How to Obtain Separation Papers From the Military

Separated or discharged military service members receive a DD Form 214 Report of Separation containing information such as name, rank, dates of service and training information. You can use your separation papers to obtain employment or access valuable benefits only available to veterans. If you're

Things You Need to Know About an Online Will Maker

It's amazing what people can accomplish through the internet. At present, you can even find an online will maker offering their services for people who needs these legal documents. It's more convenient for those who need it right away, because it can easily be processed, and you don't

How to Create an Analog Waveform Circuit

In electronics, an analog waveform circuit generates a steady frequency by amplification or by charging and discharging a capacitor. These circuits are generally called oscillators or function generators, and hundreds of different designs exist. A simple circuit called a relaxation oscillator uses a