How to Make a Fishing Rig Hook

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The Best Ways to Catch Big Fish

The best way to catch big fish is to target the largest species of fish where you live during different times of the year. This means that you need to focus on fish such as channel catfish, carp and northern pike. All three of these species have a wide geographical distribution across the United Sta

How to Make Plastic Worms

Plastic worms can run you a pretty penny, especially when you’re trying to stock your tackle box. But one of the cheapest ways to amp up your supply is to start making your own plastic worms. Once you’ve got the supplies, it as simple as stir, heat and pour.

Canadian Pike Fishing - Do You Know What You Are Missing?

Did you ever go on a canadian pike fishing [] trip? If you didn't then you are missing out on an unbelievable adventure in the Canadians Rockies. This can be one of the best trips ...

How to Shrimp With a Cast Net From a Kayak

Using a sea kayak or touring kayak for fishing is a solid way of getting out for some exercise, as well as landing a catch. If you live in an area with shrimp-filled waters and hope to land some of the tasty crustaceans, consider cast netting from a kayak. Cast netting uses weighted nets tossed out

Axis Buck Hunting in Texas

The Handbook of Texas Online reports that axis deer are larger than whitetail, originated in India, were introduced to Texas in the 1930s and sport distinctive rows of white spots on tan backs and sides.

Game Fish Identification

Anglers spend countless hours pursuing species of game fish. One of the skills anglers should possess is the ability to identify correctly the species they are after.

How to Rig Two Flies

Two fly fishing rigs are a common choice for fishing rivers and lakes. The two flies cover more water and increase your overall success rate. Fishing two flies requires a proper connection to prevent tangles and to create an effective rig. The dry fly with a dropper nymph is a common combination yet

The Best Tuna Bait

The best bait for catching tuna is a topic of debate amongst anglers. The bait must be good at catching the attention of tuna, but also hold up under rough waves. A few bait options are readily available for luring and catching all types and sizes of tuna.

How to Make a Flatfish Rig

Flatfish are also commonly referred to as flounder, depending on the location in which you are fishing. A favorite saltwater game fish of many anglers, flatfish spend much of their time feeding on the bottom of the ocean as well as brackish lagoons and waterways. A simple rig is often used by angler

Catch Big Fish With the Banjo Minnow

The Banjo Minnow is a rig that burst onto the market through the miracle of the infomercial. However, as the Banjo Minnow rig has continued to gain popularity, it has established itself as a legitimate fishing rig for use on a wide range of fresh and saltwater game fish species. A Banjo Minnow is de

Conservation Strategies of Sharks

Sharks are dying faster than they can reproduce. In Mexico, as in the rest of the world, sharks are threatened by the €Flutter€, a practice in which fishermen cut the fins and then throwing the ...

How to Make an Effective Jug Fishing Rig

Jug fishing rigs are a common and simple way to catch a lot of catfish -- provided local authorities do not ban the practice. A jug fishing rig has a float at the top, usually an anchor at the bottom and up to five baited hooks attached to the main line. The name comes from the empty milk jugs or pl

How to Seal Paint Pens to Be Dishwasher Safe

Make all sorts of crafts with ceramic or glass objects using ceramic paint pens. These specially made paint pens are dishwasher-safe once they have been sealed. This type of paint is so much fun to use because you don't need to have a kiln or look for a ceramic shop that can fire your art work. Cure

How to Tie a Trot Line

Trot lines make catching fish less time consuming and more efficient. It involves tying your line to a tree or stump and then attaching your lures. Once this is done, simply tie the other end to another tree or attach it to some kind of flotation device. A few hours later, you should have enough fis

How to Clean a Small Catfish

Catfish aren't always cleaned in the same manner as other fish, for the simple reason that they lack scales. Instead, they have a smooth skin that can be intimidating to someone who hasn't cleaned a catfish before. Though you may still fillet a large catfish without difficulty, a small catfish may t

The Best Times to Catch Saltwater Trout

Saltwater trout is a fish that can be caught anytime of the year. The best times to catch saltwater trout vary with seasons and times of day. Normally, fishermen will catch speckled trout, the main saltwater trout species, in shallow waters within the spring/fall, while in the summer/winter these fi

How to Catch Asian Grass Carp

The Asian grass carp, also known as the white amur, is a plant-eating fish that isn't native to the United States. They were introduced to U.S. waters in 1963 as a means of controlling aquatic vegetation, an experiment that is now a somewhat controversial success. Due in part to human intervention a