The Challenges and Rewards of Camping in Winter

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bathtub floor

A one-piece (seamless) tent floor where the edges come a few inches up the sides before connecting with the tent walls.

Cornwall Campsites in the Rain

Having travelled down to Cornwall overnight looking forward to a week on the beach we were faced with a dilemma on arrival. The campsite had been closed due to heavy rain and local floods causing the drains to collapse, spilling their contents onto the camping field! We had to decide to try another

How to Seal Seams on Hiking Tents

Sealing the seams on your hiking tent will give you a little extra protection in case rain hits on your next backpacking adventure. Most hiking tents are not taped or reinforced along the seams because taping increases their weight. Even after you have sealed the seams you will need to check them fr

Teardrop Trailers For Sale

Finding Good Teardrop Trailers For Sale Teardrop trailers are the Volkswagon Beetles of the camper trailer world €" small and cozy, but powerful and irresistibly cool. If you're looking for the great quality and great ...

Budget holidays can be a whole lot of fun

Each one needs to take time off from work and recharge his energy so that one may go back to work and life with increased enthusiasm and great vigor. A holiday is not only for partying but for relaxat

How efficient is summer camp in India

A break is indeed needed from daily chores. Once in a year such jerks are important especially to begin with. This is the core idea of pushing somebody with zeal & zest towards work. Wherever

Horse Summer Camps for Girls

Horseback riding is also a great way to stay fit.Horse Riding Girl - Horse stopped in front of obstacle image by Kradsmit from Fotolia.comHorseback riding is not only a great way for your child to gain confidence, but to also gain respect for and build a healthy relationship with her...

Twiddling My Thumbs: Entertainment in the Van P.3

This is the third part of a series concerning living in a van/vehicle in the winter. This article addresses a few of the many ways to entertain one's self in a van with short hours of daylight and ever dropping temps.

Tent Camping Made Easy

Tent Camping has revolutionized the way families are spending quality time without having to spend a lot of money to enjoy a family vacation. As we continue to move forward, the search for relaxation has become a major role in the lives of our families. The need to get away from the hustle bustle o

Alberta Beach Family RV Park

Before moving further into the article, I would like to give you a brief introduction of Alberta Beach. It is a lovely village located in central Alberta in the west of Edmonton. It is situated on the shores of Lac Ste. Anne. It is a popular tourist destination. The tranquility and beauty of this pl

Electronic Insect Repellent

With spring here and summer just around the corner everyone is looking forward to warm weather. However, warm weather also brings with it insects that are often a painful nuisance and can ruin both in

How to Set Up a Pop-Up Tent

Pop-up tents are also known as self-erecting tents. Most of these tents have pre-threaded poles in the sleeves and can be set up in under a minute. Self-erecting pop-up tents are "free standing" tents that require staking down in high winds. Pop-up tents can be used for everything from children's pl

Airstream Trailers

Choosing the best Airstream trailer for your needs could be a little challenging.When considering an Airstream trailer the following should be researched...