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Feng Shui Travel Kit And Travelling Advice

A feng shui travel kit can help you to have a relaxing and productive journey, whether it's leisure or a business trip. Myriads of people have already learned how to use this ancient Chinese notion to

How to Create a Birthday Altar

Got a birthday coming up? Celebrate this annual milestone by setting up a magical birthday altar!

The Ghost of Queen Anne Boleyn at Blickling Hall

Anne Boleyn's ghost is one of the most frequently sighted spectres in England. The ill-fated second wife of King Henry VIII has been witnessed at a variety of locations, including her child home of Hever ...

Discover More on Binding Love Spells

Wow! I am sure the very term has left you speechless and overwhelmed. Right since ancient times, ancient civilizations in different parts of the globe made use of Binding Love Spell to bind 2 hearts t

Connect Yourself With the Universal Intelligence

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, lovingly referred to as Mr. Guruji is a spiritual personality having a great talent to transform lives. Mr. Guruji was gifted in 1995 with the ability to transmit powerful energy waves that ...

Fortune Teller Tarot - Can You Read The Future?

Interpreting your fortune by reading a tarot card has become hugely popular nowadays. Just like astrology, palmistry, numerology and other modes of telling your future, Fortune Teller Tarot can reveal to you aspects about your future life which you want to know.

Adultery Is Spiritual Suicide

Recent surveys say 88% of Americans believe adultery is wrong. Yet 77% of marriages involve at least one adultery. As sad as this dichotomy is, it gets worse. 96% of those surveyed profess a belief ...

Analysis and Commentary of Mark 15:33-41

The last three hours of Jesus' life are set up in a dramatic manner. From the sixth hour (noon) to the ninth hour (3 P.M.), darkness covers the land in preparation for Jesus' end - and in accordance with Amos 8:9, 'And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord God, that I will

Stats, Please: Christian Music By The Numbers

The Christian/Gospel category of overall music sales is the sixth most popular genre according to SoundScan's 2004 year-end report. Gospel music sales outpace sales of Latin, soundtracks, jazz, classical and new age genres.

Vedic horoscope compatibility

Love rules the world and it sure does control us human beings. When two people enjoy each other's company and feel stimulated for long periods of time, they are said to be compatible and such

Christmas Can Be Fun

As a child, Christmas was definitely a great time. Presents, presents, and more presents - the words were interchangeable. We had our little duty to perform on Christmas Eve and that was the midnight service ...