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About Japanese Gongs

The gong is something many people associate with Asian culture. Japanese gongs can be used as musical instruments, displayed as pieces of art or placed in an outdoor garden, porch, patio, deck or backyard to add a sense of peace to the overall atmosphere.

Food Trends in the large City

<p In the world of food, there's one thing that's steady -- not anything stays the similar. What was chic a few years ago may be a far-away recollection today. Food trends that started as ...

New York's Ideas for Independence and the 13 Colonies

New York never spoke with one voice during the buildup to the American Revolution. As in all of America, many people in New York disliked attempts by the British Parliament to tax and rule the colonies directly during the 1760s and 1770s. But New York had more Loyalists than any other colony, and

Goa Tour Package: Offer a Wonderful Vacation

India tourism has a plethora of intriguing attractions to offer tourists a lifetime experience. The country delights tourist with its rich culture, ancient traditions, enticing diversity and variety of cuisines. Goa is one of the ...

How to Write a Paper About a Culture Bracelet

To write a paper about a culture bracelet is to appreciate, classify and analyze it as an item of material culture in the context of body decoration. Bracelets add a touch of elegance to a person's overall being. People throughout the world have worn bracelets since prehistoric times. Consider the g

What Did the Lakota Indians Eat?

The Lakota were one of 13 tribes of Sioux Indians that moved out ahead of the advancing settlers. They lived in the present-day states of Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Montana, Nebraska and Iowa and in south central Canada. Today, most Lakota live in Nebraska, Minnesota, No

Video: Counting in Japanese

Video Transcript Ok, let's count numbers in Japanese. Here's the list, repeat after me. One is ichi, two is ni, three is san, four is shi, or there is another pronunciation, its yon. We can use both shi or yon. Five, is go. Moving on six is roku, seven is nana, or another pronunciation...

Romantic ideas for Valentine's Day

Be the "beloved" and popular holiday is coming up in just to save a little more than two weeks, its going to be Valentine's Day. The day dedicated to people in love the day together. ...

How to Find Paroled Inmates in Arkansas

Paroled inmates in Arkansas must follow several rules as a condition of their release. Former convicts often must pay fines, attend rehabilitation appointments and medical screenings, and meet with parole officers. They have extremely rigid routines. It is easy to find model parolees, but sometimes

Latin Dance History

Latin dance originated in Latin America and the Caribbean. Latin dances include rumba, salsa, samba, mambo, bachata and tango.

What Is Soy?

It seems that soy crops up everywhere. It's in milk, frozen foods, dairy, fuel, oil and a slew of other products. How one little plant fits its way into so many different things is a mystery to many people, but it doesn't make them any less curious. Just what is soy?

Mistakes to Avoid When It Is Your Turn at the Lectern

For many people, giving a speech or making a presentation to a large group of people is one of life's most harrowing experiences. The biggest reason people cite for their lack of confidence about public speaking is nervousness. Thorough preparation and breathing exercises are examples of ways to com

Indian Burial Types in Tennessee

Traditionally, Native American burial services were ceremonial rites in strict accordance with individual tribal traditions. However, due to the universal reverence of nature throughout all tribes, nearly all burial services were, in modern parlance, green. Though only one tribe currently resides

Facts About the Mayan Pyramids

The Mayan pyramids stand out as one of the most impressive architectural achievements of the ancient world. Precisely designed and requiring a massive human effort to build, they tell the story of a highly organized society with unique accomplishments in language, astronomy and mathematics. At the

What Tools Were Put Into Egyptian Tombs?

Egyptian tombs contained those things the dead were believed to need in the afterlife. In many cases, these were the same things you use or need during your life. Tools, or small models of tools, were included to enable the dead to continue their earthly activities or professions. Carpenters' tombs

Japanese Cutting Tools

The katana is the sword most associated with the Japanese samurai sword.katana image by NetGraphi from Fotolia.comJapanese culture has taken great pride in the merging of culture, both Shinto and Zen, and workmanship in the manufacture of cutting tools. Although many tools are designed...