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This is a Magellan image of Crater Golubkina. The 30 km (18 mi) diameter crater is characterized by terraced inner walls and a central peak, typical of large impact craters on the Earth, Moon and Mars. The terraced inner walls take shape late in the formation of an impact crater, due to the collapse

Organizational Development Doctoral Programs

There are PhD programs for organizational image by peter Hires Images from Fotolia.comOrganizational development doctoral programs can put you at the top of your profession, providing personal work satisfaction and an increased salary. Indeed, Inc. reports...

Ap Ssc Results 2014

Branch of government exams is an independent department working in sub- sections of the Department of Secondary Education. This is the department that is responsible for conducting the SSC exams in Andhra Pradesh. The Council ...

117-201 Study Material

Testinside 117-201 exam training tools deliver you extensive training of all the key concepts and skills of exam curriculum. Testinside 117-201 training tools make you prepare the questions same as th

How to Build a Waterwheel Model

Water wheels have been used for centuries to generate energy. Creating a model of a water wheel is an easy way to educate students about potential and kinetic energy. Using a few simple items, students can gain a better understanding of how a water wheel creates energy.

Military Quotations

Military Quotations: a collection. Part of a special section on inspirational and motivational quotes. Also find lists, databases, and resources for quotes and quotations.

Invention Ideas for Kindergartners

In kindergarten, you might find yourself discussing the topic of inventions with your class. Some of them may have heard the word before, while others might have no concept of what an invention is. Use some intriguing activities to teach the information, while holding the interest of students who mi

Choose The Best College For Best Education

The best college is one that gives you ample opportunities to grow as far as your right education is concerned. Getting enrolled into any of the good colleges is everyone’s dream and this dream of yours is now going to be fulfilled all easily, courtesy of a college review site that endows you

Dark Matter Strikes Again!

Dark matter, besides being a mysteriously unknown material that IS detectable through its gravitational effect on light (and matter), permeates the universe. Astronomers must resort to interesting means to detect its distribution.

Maggie Kuhn Quotes

Quotes by Maggie Kuhn - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

School Development Projects

School development can be interpreted in several ways depending on the needs of the school. All school development projects are important for the school to run efficiently and meet high standards. Staff development projects give teachers and administrators the opportunity to keep up with trends in e

Online Counseling Schools Offer Degree Training Options

Training through an online higher learning program can help you obtain the skills that will be needed to enter a professional career. Online counseling schools offer degree training options that you c

Psychic Powers and the Mystical Realms

People have always remained fascinated by the works of the psychic realms and the extensive influence these have extended towards other possible fields of study and research. But, ever since the coinage and root exploration of the word psychic, there have been associated information regarding the hu

What Qualifies a Person for WIA?

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a federally funded program that pays qualified students a travel stipend, helps with child care and supplies books and necessary materials for the student's chosen course of study. The program was designed to assist low-income or unemployed people with education

Complete Quality Education to Student

NIIT is one of the largest training institutes of IT related courses in India. It has its existence in 40 countries all over the world. NIIT divided into two groups. first is NIIT Limited and ...