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How to Subscribe to Twitter RSS Feed

Confused about RSS feeds? Does the idea of being able to read Twitter updates from a single page without having to log into your account appeal to you? The trick is to subscribe to RSS feeds. This article teaches you how.

Blog and SMM Packages Let You Have More By Doing Less

This article describes what blog and social media management is all about. You can personally manage all your social accounts and blogs but oftentimes, it becomes too cumbersome. Hence, a blog and SMM packages lessens your workload while letting you enjoy a wealth of benefits for your business.

Social Traffic - Do Blog Visitors Do More Than Just Take?

What you should learn by reading this are marketing techniques, even though the subject of this article is how to earn money by having your own blog. It is quite simple to produce and host a website. The though part is having people come to your site.

Twitter Marketing - Followers and Following

Twitter Marketing is a huge concept to take on in one piece. However, a huge piece that comes into it is Followers and Following. When you understand these two things, you understand a lot about it.

Eye-Popping MySpace Layouts For Advertising

When planning to take advantage of advertising on the social media site MySpace perhaps the first area that is you that you should consider is the selection of MySpace layouts that are available for you to use. A good approach to take when considering a MySpace layout is that yours should stand out

How to Really Use LinkedIn

These days, I am constantly amazed at the number of business people I meet every day who do not know how to really use LinkedIn effectively. In America, 80% of employers use LinkedIn to find suitable candidates for senior vacancies before using any other recruiting tool.

Social Media Marketing - Targeting the Right Customers

Social media marketing is the use of a variety of social networking platforms and communities for marketing, customer service, public relations, and sales. They can include the most commonly used networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter or they may be effectively managed through blogs or nich

Twitter Secrets - Uncovering the Secrets of Twitter

Twitter is a very powerful social media that can be used in any business, of course in MLM too. But sad to say many people on this site are not using it the right way, because they just spam and pitch people about their products and opportunity. Below are the 5 tips to harness the secret of twitter

I Tweet Therefore I Am

Social Media continues to make a splash in Marketing. Twitter gives people (or marketers) access to meet people they may not have had access to otherwise. Twitter can help people do great things. Sometimes it's that huge protest in Egypt, sometimes it's as ephemeral as reading celebrity Tw

5 Reasons You Must Print Facebook Photos

As the title suggests, I'm very adamant about the importance of printing Facebook photos. This post will give you a window into why I'm so passionate about this topic. Your photos and your Friends' photos are stored on Facebook and are easily accessible, so why should you print them?

Old Media is Dead, Long Live Social Media

Traditional advertisement methods have become so commonplace; nothing draws peoples attention anymore. The majority has learned to ignore and block out such commonalities, which are irrelevant to their lives; i.e. they offer no value in terms of mental stimulation, which leads to emotions of, excite

How to Choose a Social Media Marketing Agency

If you want top notch social marketing implementation, be prepared to pay for it. In fact, I've run into quite a few agencies who are well into the $20,000 a month range depending on what a client needs done. When you're looking for a social marketing agency, make sure you ask them the rig

Abomination! Facebook and Twitter Fail To Drive Traffic

A recent study by reported that only 11% of website traffic came from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Numbers like these are making senior executives curious and online media and marketing firms nervous.

Pinterest Partnering With Retailers

Pinterest is now partnering with retailers, which will result in a them having a major impact on the way Pinterest can be used as a marketing social media tool. Here's everything you'll need to know about the new partnership and how you can use it to your advantage.