Innovations in 35mm SLR Camera Design: 1940 to 1960

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Family Portrait Photography - Why You Can Take the Perfect Family Portrait

When it comes to Family Portrait Photography it pays for the amateur photographer to be familiar with the basics of the subject. Too many people fall into the trap of assuming there isn't much to taking the perfect portrait; however any professional will tell you that there are numerous 'k

How to Compress Photographs for Email

Different email providers require that attachments are small enough that they do not fill up a person's inbox. This number will vary from service to service, but you can still send photos to your friends over email. Prior to attaching the photos, compress them in a zip folder that the recipient can

Improving Your Digital Photography

Shooting RAW With Your Digital Camera: Are you looking to get the best quality from your digital SLR? If the answer is yes you need to forget about the auto modes and set your digital camera to RAW...

How to Buy Wagyu Beef Cattle

Japanese Wagyu cattle produce the legendary Kobe beef, the most expensive and arguably the finest in the world. The highly-marbled beef is at the top of the Prime beef grading chart.

Using Filters in Photography - Free Info

Filters have 2 different meanings dependent on how long you have had photography as a free time pursuit. Before the discovery of computers and stuff like Photoshop we had tiny glass discs to make the ...

Megapixels and Digital Cameras

Choosing a new digital camera can often be confusing for the average photographer. There are so many excellent cameras being marketed now that it can become bewildering to know what is the best camera to go for. Even more confusing is the question of how many Megapixels you will need for your purpos

Inexpensive and Easy Way to Repair Damaged Photos

Are you looking for an inexpensive and easy way to repair your damaged photos? If you have treasured photos that have become damaged thru the test of time and you are not technically inclined, there ...

General Aspects Regarding Video Production

The most important elements on which to concentrate include conveying emotions through small gestures, such as a sudden, darting eye movement, or a raised eyebrow. In a large theatre such gestures could go unnoticed, but provided the digital camera operator is instructed to home in on them your home

7 Tips to Prepare Expert Photographic Journeys

Harry Fisch is a photographer and organizer of photographic expeditions of which we have spoken in these pages. The following article gives advice to properly prepare to go to a remote location. 1 Do your ...

Is the Canon Sure Shot Digital Camera the Right One for You?

Amongst all of the Canon digital camera models you can get cameras for all type of photographers. Whether you are an experienced photographer, the semi-serious professional or the amateur canon offers some of the best cameras for your needs. Amongst those cameras you will find the Canon Sure Shot di

Compact Digital Cameras - Capture Your Memorable Moments

With the innovation of latest technology, the digital cameras are coming to the market with advanced features and a compact design. In this 21st century, the digital cameras are coming to the market with a compact design. The Compact digital cameras are coming with a small and portable shape.

How to Take Great Sports Photos

Shooting sports photographs can be a challenge. Sporting events are live action, always presenting the photographer with the task of capturing a defining moment without the benefit of a time out. You will need the ability to work under pressure, with a keen eye, and know your equipment to shoot grea

What is Sepia Good for?

The term sepia refers to a brown tone added to photographs that is similar to black and white. Its origins can be traced back to a substance that was added to black and white photographs in the late 1700s for preservation purposes.

Underwater Photography - When Your Subject Is Always in Motion

As much as there is magic on land, many photographers find themselves underwater to look for new challenges and inspirations. The aquatic scene is a whole new world to conquer and the promise of breathtaking shots is an opportunity that is hard to miss out on. Photographing below though, requires a