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Lawn Fertilizer Risks to Pets

Responsible pet owners should understand the risk to their animals presented by lawn fertilizer products. advises users to read and follow the package instructions to insure their pets' safety.

How to Create Your Own Monster

Is Your Spoiled Pet Disrupting Your Life? Read one pet owner's amusing take on why we let them do it...

Discount Dog Clothes: Pet Apparels Within Budget

Dog clothes can be an apt way to reflect your love and take care towards your dog. Go through the shops in the mall or online providers to fetch suitable discount options for your purchase.

Struggling With an Itchy Situation?Get Rid of Fleas Once and For All

"I was horrified and disgusted at the fact my house had been overrun with fleas, but I found some helpful info, and this product."So have you noticed your beloved pet scratching more than normal the last few days, and now you have an itch that seems to be spreading to all parts of your bod

Easily Choosing The Best Pet Grooming Service

As a pet owner, apart from offering for your pet's meal, part of your duty of taking care of your pet is to maintain it properly. Washing your pet may not be adequate for this matter, particularly if you're taking your pet on a vacation.

List of Different Types of Birds of Prey

Birds of prey, also known as raptors, are a type of bird that use their feet (as opposed to their beaks) to capture their prey. Birds of prey are carnivores, or meat-eaters, that generally have exceptional eyesight and sharp talons to help them capture small animals.

Ringworm, Lice & Fleas in an Immunosuppressed Cat

Immune-suppressed cats have weakened immune systems due to disease, such as feline leukemia and distemper. Cats with compromised immune systems are more susceptible to secondary infections, such as ringworm. This also makes cats more likely to attract diseases spread by lice and fleas than healthy c

Caring For Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are amazing little animals and wonderful pets.If you are considering bringing one of these beautiful creatures into your life or know someone who is interested in getting one you should learn as much as you can about them beforehand.

Natural Cat Food: the Best Option for Your Cats

Why should you be interested in natural cat food? This is really part of a wider movement, as you've probably noticed how many stores now sell natural, healthy and organic food for humans. So it ...

How to Bathe House Rabbits

Unlike their wild counterparts, house rabbits live in the home as affectionate pets. Like any other animal, they may become dirty and need to be cleaned for their own health as well as to keep your home tidy. While bathing a rabbit in water is alarming and potentially harmful to a rabbit, a dry bath

What is a Ferret Shelter?

A ferret shelter works just like an orphan home for homeless, abused, mistreated, and malnourished ferrets. There are shelter homes allowing you to surrender back your ferret if it does not work out with you at home. Adoption costs are normally lower than with most options, and adopting a ferret fro