Diabetes in Cats: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

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Black Cats Picture Gallery: Bandit

October has almost always been known as Black Cat Month, and our photo calendar would not be complete without photos of sleek black cats. Here are photos of October cats submitted by About Cats readers for your pleasure. Enjoy the Black Cats Picture Gallery. Bandit is featured here.

How to Make a Homemade Automatic Cat Trap

Domesticated cats have been a part of life for centuries. These small felines have been loved and hated over the years and can be very difficult to catch. Some traps can harm or kill the animals by using spring loaded jaws to trap the legs. More humane traps allow the cat to walk inside a cage wit

Bach Flower Remedies for a Fat Feline

In the early 20th century, an English physician placed bowls of fresh spring water with fresh flower buds in the sunlight for three hours, believing that the bowls of spring water and flowers would gain the power to heal and cure. The stems and flowers were then dicarded, and the remaining solutions

Cat Care - How to Know What Your Cat Wants

The relationship between a cat and its owner can be a very close one and many believe that their cat understands every word they speak. That may or may not be true but it is definitely true that your cat is perfectly capable of letting you know exactly what it want.

Major Weight Loss in a Hungry Cat

As your cat's caregiver, you are the person responsible for ensuring its needs are met. It can be alarming to note a sudden change in your cat's physique and overall well-being. There are a number of reasons your cat might suddenly drop weight and still remain hungry. Whether your cat has stopped ea

Cat Picture of the Week: Veronica

Every week this site honors a Cat Picture of the Week, which is posted on the main page each week as well as in this gallery. This gallery contains Cat Pictures of the Week for the year 2009, each chosen from cat pictures submitted for the many different picture albums on this site. I do not accept

Feline Worms - Three Common Types of Feline Worms

There are three common feline worms that affects cats. They include hookworms, tapeworms, and roundworms. These worms multiply as they live inside your cat. If there get to be too many, it can be life-threatening for your cat. Let's take a look at...

Cat Training and Kitten Training- Please Don't Do This

When you are training your cat or kitten, please keep this advice in mind.Sure it's just human nature to overlook this at times, but if you want to livein peace and harmony with your cats you must have the right mindset.

2009 Memorial Gallery to Special Cats: Wussifer

Creating a memorial to a cat you have loved and lost is a thoughtful way not only to honor your beloved kitty, but also to help you through the grieving process. These memorials speak for themselves of the bond between humans and cats that transcends life itself. Your tributes to your own Special Ca

Profile of the Mixed Breed and Domestic aka Moggie Cat

Because so many people are fixated on 'cat breeds,' I'm including a 'breed profile' of the mixed breed cats, along with moggies, which are cats of unknown breed. You can also share your stories and photos about Life With a Domestic Cat or Mixed Breed Cat on this site.

How to Build Your Own Cat Box

2 5-by-18-inch thin plywood boards2 5-by-12-inch thin plywood boardsHammer8 nails12-by-18-nch thin plywood boardWood glueLarge paintbrushSandpaperWaterproof wood sealant

Cat Care - Protect Your Cat From Danger

In many ways a cat is like a child. They have a curious and enquiring nature and given half a chance will get into things they have no business getting into. Just like a parent with a child you as the cat's owner are responsible for keeping your pet out of danger when around the home.

What Gets a Kitten to Stop Meowing?

Cats meow in order to communicate with humans. They vary the length and frequency of the meow according to context. Cats use longer and lower-sounding meows when the request is urgent and demanding. They use shorter meows when the request is a more gentle appeal. Shorter meows range across high and

Characteristics of Cat Behavior

Ever wonder why your cat sleeps all day and wreaks havoc at night? Or why she purrs at you but hisses at your friends? Your cat's behavior is based on her nature as a solitary, semi-nocturnal hunter.

Cat Behavior: Tail in the Face

Cats use their tails to communicate with their owners and with other animals as well. Cats may lower their tails and swish them back and forth when angry or raise them high and quiver the end slightly as a sign of affection or excitement. Cats may also turn away from someone and place their tails in

Dealing With Cat Litter - Furniture That Will Hide the Nasty Truth

A litter box is a necessary part of being a cat guardian. While they may be some of the cleanest critters around, there's no question that they can leave some fairly nasty deposits for you to deal with. One very elegant solution to this unsightly problem is to purchase cat litter furniture, whi

Feline Liver Disease - Things You Need to Know

Feline liver disease usually occurs in cats that avoid eating for 1 day or more.It is very dangerous when cat's do not eat, since their liver automatically begins to collect fat deposits.As the liver becomes "fatty" it causes problems in the body.Treatment involves emergency feeding a