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Equine Founder

Equine founder is a very serious condition that is due to the complications and tissue damage of the foot after one or more attacks of laminitis. If not treated properly, founder can cause serious and permanent damage to your horse. Read the information below to find out more about equine founder an

How to Break a Horse From Crow-Hopping

Breaking a horse from crow-hopping, or mildly bucking, requires checking him for sore spots or sticker burrs, examining equipment that might cause him pain and evaluating the rider's cues to the horse. Pulling back on the horse's reins while pressing both legs into the horse's sides is a main rider-

Get To Know The Essentials Of Being An Expert Horse Owner

It is a dream-come-true for many people to own a horse. It is an amazing experience to have your own horse. Horses are loyal and loving animals. They are useful and could provide innumerable hours of entertainment and joy. Owning a horse is not a simple task usually, it needs time and effort for a p

My Dream Horse Skeeter

A true story about my brown and white paint quarter horse. We learned how to carry the American flag at the rodeo. A story written for him to thank him for making a dream come true.

eHarmony For Horses - If I Knew Then What I Know Now

If I had known about the Horse Harmony test, which matches horses and humans based on personality type and is like eHarmony for horses, I would have never bought my reining gelding. Being a hothouse flower, he's quite the inappropriate match for me, a tough no-holds-barred zen cowgirl. Avoid ma

Where to Get Horseback Riding Answers

You've heard the expression, "Even cowboys get the blues". Well, it seems horse riding, gun toting, campfire-singing cowboys have horseback riding questions that require horseback riding answers also.

Parts of the Horse--The Withers

Learn to identify the withers on the horse and learn about the underlying structures. Learn the points of the horse and anatomy with descriptions and pictures.

All About Basic Horse Nutrition Advice

Pasture or other type of harvested roughage has to be included in a horse's basic nutrition diet. By playing up the distribution of roughage and its concentrates, it determines the energy intake and the digestive tract fill.

Horse Vitamins and the Importance of Biotin in Them

Biotin is the most common chemical in horse supplements, and analysis and testing has established that Biotin enhances hoof growth and wellness. Biotin is a B vitamin, and like all B Vitamins it is water-soluble so it should be consumed on a daily basis. Ideal amounts of Biotin are between 15mg-20mg

How to Make Your Own Miniature Horse Show Cart

Miniature horses are popular in horse communities across the U.S. Featured at many horse shows such as ones at the George Ingalls Equestrian Event Center in Norco, California, these tiny horses typically measure only 34 inches tall. Driving is a popular discipline within this breed, where drivers ca

How to Assemble a Draft Harness

A draft horse harness is different from a carriage horse harness in its purpose to support heavy loads. As work horses, draft breeds are also called heavy horses due to their stout appearance and heavy muscling. The best known draft breeds include Belgians, Clydesdales, Percherons and Shires. Carria

Feeding the Friesian Weanling in Winter

Feeding your young horse properly is especially important (older horses need to be fed properly too, but are much more forgiving if you are not feeding them correctly!), as they are growing and maturing - they are laying down new muscle and bone that will shape the way they look for the rest of thei

Kava for Horses

Until recent years, Kava kava, or Piper Methysticum, was not prescribed for equine use. Kava possesses sedative qualities and is typically dispensed to horses as either whole or powdered herbs.

Worming Your Horse, All Year Round

Worms are a bit like squatters. They arrive unannounced, they sit around and stay uninvited inside your property all day and they're a nightmare to get out.

How to Train a Mischief Horse

Training a spoiled, ill-tempered or mischievious horse can be quite a challenge. It is generally easier to instill good habits in a horse than to break bad ones. Breaking those old habits requires starting over from scratch, working on the ground works and fundamentals like respect for the handler.

What to Feed a Draft Horse

Draft horses have long been used by farmers to work the fields and do other duties in rural areas. Even today, draft horses are used in farming, but they are also used for a wide variety of other purposes. From pulling wagons to participating in events like jumping and dressage, draft horses are ver

Make Horse Safety a Priority

Checking the saddlery and equipment (a.k.a gear check) for horse safety and comfort as well as preparation for the rider for comfort and safety riding. This means physically checking the student (and horse if it is a mounted lesson) to ensure it is safe and appropriate for the lesson and of the corr