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Sick Betta Fish - How to Cure Your Sick Betta Fish

Sick betta fish will make owners sad and sometimes hopeless in finding the cure to help their fish become healthy again. Some of the symptoms include the fish becoming sluggish and lethargic, losing appetite and gasping for breath at the water surface.

Facts on the Neon Blue Guppy

The Neon Blue Guppy is also called the "Millions Fish." It is one of the many varieties of the Poecilia reticulata guppy. Neon Blue Guppies are hardy breeders; they produce many babies several times a year. These guppies are tolerant of many water conditions, so they are easy to keep for beginning h

How to Set Up a Rowing Lineup

Assigning seats to a team of rowers can be challenging for a crew coach. A lineup is designed based upon a number of factors, including the technique, strength and size of the crew members. Lineups are often designed in pairs, and seating will be assigned in large part by the manner in which a pair

How to Introduce New Corals to Your Tank

Most aquarium enthusiasts acquire live tropical corals with no undue trouble. However, properly introducing and acclimatizing the corals into your existing aquarium sometimes poses a challenge. Different types of coral may require slightly different handling procedures. Follow a few standard procedu

The Definition of a Damselfish

Damselfish include numerous fish species from the Pomacentridae family, which is a vertebrate fish family comprising both damselfish and clownfish. Species of damselfish are some of the most common domesticated fish used in aquarium tanks. Some species of damselfish tend to be aggressive, especially

Explaining The Aquarium Biological Filtration

There are several methods of filtration to keep your aquarium clean and free of algae and the wrong types of bacteria, but one of the best and most important methods would be the biological filtration method. While biological filtration is not the only effective method of filtration it is the most i

Feed Cichlid Fry - What Do I Feed Cichlid Fry?

Knowing what to feed cichlid fry can be confusing if you have never raised cichlids or if you are trying to raise other aquarium fish for the first time. This can be a very exciting time for the new aquarist, or the seasoned hobbyist, so I am going to give you a few pointers.

Proven Health Benefits of Home Freshwater Aquariums

Studies as far back as the 1980s have proven freshwater aquariums to be extremely beneficial in terms of health. Studies have been done comparing having an aquarium versus not having an aquarium, hypnosis versus aquariums, and fish-filled tanks versus decorative fishless tanks. This articles explore

Fish Aquariums and Your Health

Do you ever stop and wonder why so many doctor offices, dentist offices, schools, restaurants and even corporations have fish aquariums? You may have heard that aquariums are good for your health but do you know why?

Are Barbs Aggressive Fish?

The Bards have the reputation for being aggressive fish. In reality, this is a fairly large group of fish, so each species needs to be looked at separately.

What Eats Algae in Freshwater?

Algae eaters keep water healthy. There are different varieties of algae eaters and different types of algae. Algae are a daily issue in freshwater. Conditions like lack of sun, poor quality water and too many plants create algae in freshwater. Freshwater creatures like shrimp, otocinclus and snails

Always Keep Tiger Barbs in Their Own School

Tiger barbs are very lively and playful fish out of all types of barbs. Usually they are found in silver or golden color with stripes which are black. They have orange or yellow fins.

Warts on Goldfish & Koi

Goldfish and koi are often called pondfish, because they are two popular breeds often bought together to inhabit a resident's backyard or decorative house pond. As living creatures, however, they are susceptible to diseases, which may infest the pond if it is not properly cleaned or aerated. A commo

What Are the Signs of ICK?

Ick, is a common disease caused by a parasite called Ichthyophthirius multifiliis that affects freshwater and marine aquarium fish. The disease is extremely contagious and deadly, so it is essential to detect and treat early and correctly. Preventive care should be practiced to reduce contamination.

How to Build Your Own Power Filters From PVC Pipe

Any extra filtration you can add to your aquarium will help improve water quality and the health of the fish. Building your own filters can be very simple or very complex depending on your design. Most of the time, however, building a filter out of materials like PVC pipe is fairly easy and you can

How to Use Duckweed for Aquaculture

Duckweed can play an important role in the cycle of an aquaculture facility. Duckweed is a tiny floating plant--the smallest flowering plant in the world. It can provide an important source of vegetable protein for feeding fish. Duckweed also removes ammonia and other toxins from the water. In parti

5 Quick Tropical Fish Facts

Tropical fish are beautiful, and that's a fact!They are ideal pets if you don't have a lot of spare time as they don't need walking and don't scratch the furniture.But there are some tropical fish facts and tips you should know before buying your first aquarium.