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Eye Infection in a Pet Duck

As with all other pets, it is extremely important to know how to treat any medical conditions that may occur with your pet duck. One of the most common conditions that occurs in a pet duck is the eye infection. Fortunately, there are simply ways to treat and prevent the infection.


Defines the term "altricial."

The Lifespan of a Citron Cockatoo

Cockatoos are one of the longest living members of the parrot family, some living to over 100 years. The citron cockatoo, so named for the bright orange crest on its head, is one of 21 cockatoo species. Citron cockatoos are sought-after pets, because they are sociable, friendly and fairly quiet. Alt

How to Make a Simple Bird Feeder

You don't need to spend a lot of money on a fancy bird feeder to attract feathered visitors to your yard. Try this easy make-it-yourself model.

The African Grey: The Different Types

Domesticated parrots will sometimes pull out their plumage when unchallenged just to amuse themselves. Since they are smart birds, they really should be stimulated or they will certainly get bored. Th

How to Set Up a Bird Cage

Your bird's cage is his home, and he will most likely spend a great deal of time inside it. It is important to set up your bird's cage properly to create an interesting and safe home for your bird. A barren or overcrowded cage will not make a happy home for a pet bird, and improperly aligned perches

How to Keep Birds Out of Front Door Wreaths

During the holidays, people like to decorate their homes, and the outside is just as fun to decorate as the inside. Wreaths can be made to celebrate many different holidays, but once you hang a wreath on your front door, it becomes an enticing place for birds to build a nest. You may think this is c

Cheap Birdhouses to Make

It can be difficult to stay involved in hobbies and crafts while still staying within your budget. Birdhouses, whether to enjoy birds or decorate your garden, can be especially expensive. However, you can make cheap birdhouses with some commonly found items and a little imagination.

Budgies and Cockatiels as Your Pets: The Top Tips to Know

Pet birds are a blessing for many people. They're the ideal pet because they require minimal space, no outdoor access and little work from their owner. They're also cheap to buy, cheap to look after, and an all-round low cost, low maintenance pet. They provide companionship with minimal ef

How to Take Care of Your Lady Gouldian Finches

People have this thing of having pets in their homes because it gives them company and at the same time, helps them relax during a rough day. Pets come in all shapes and sizes; Take for example, dogs.

How to Develop the Best Companion Parrot

The best companion parrot is one that can interact with you and amuse you with its wacky antics. Note that it will require some work to get your parrot to become the best companion parrot. This article provides some tips you need to know.

Great Tips to Attract Birds to Your Home

If you have just bought some bird tables for your garden, there are a number of things you could do to maximize the number of birds that visit you. The following are some great ways to get your feathe

Scarlet Macaw

Detailed bird profile of the scarlet macaw, including identification marks, reproduction, diet, habitat, range and conservation.

Feed Your Cockatiel Properly

Cockatiels like many other exotic pets will need special treatment in many area including their feeding habits. Unlike the normal house pet like a dog or a cat, it would not do to just feed an exotic bird table scraps or any prepared bird food. To properly care for your bird and insure it's hea

How to Breed Pigeons

Pigeons have been bred for various reasons for centuries. Domestic pigeons are bred for their flying and homing abilities. Some pigeons have returned to their lofts from as many as 600 miles away -- at sustained speeds of 45 to 50 mph. Others breeds of pigeons, such as Trumpeters and Laughers, are k

Pet Birds From Australia - An Introduction to Rosellas

Of all native Australian birds used as pets the rosellas are amongst the most sought after. This is due to their wonderful variety of colouring, their size and their unique markings. Their scalloped feather markings on the back is what makes them unique in the avian world. There are several differen

How to Make Bird Seed Cookies

Bird seed cookies are fun and easy to make, and are truly appreciated by your wild avian friends in the dead of winter when pickings are slim. Making these cookies with nutritious ingredients from your kitchen is also much cheaper than buying similar commercially made products. They also make lovely

Every Parrot Breeder Must Know These Secrets

Parrot breeders are an elite group of bird trainers who must know everything about the specific breed of birds they work with. There are several secrets that only an experienced breeder could know that comes from years of working with birds.

Optical & Mechanical Parts of a Telescope

A modern refracting telescope.refractor telescope image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.comTelescopes come in all shapes and sizes. The refracting telescope was fabricated by Galileo and is still among the most commonly used telescopes today. The technology used in refracting telescopes is...