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The Magic of Correct Eating

Leading expert on alternative approaches to correcting high cholesterol tells how troubling maladies can be healed with food

Love Nuts!

Don't we love nuts? Some people avoid nuts because of their reputation of being high in fat and calories.

How to Have a Healthy Eating Teenager

Eating the right food for your body should not only be aimed towards younger children; even older ones will definitely need the right nutrition. Healthy eating teenagers obviously stand apart from those who don't.

An Overview of Soy, Part 2

Soy oil is the main source of calories in the average American diet (often hidden in processed and package foods). Although Americans are often admonished to reduce their intake of fats and oils, soy oil does offer the advantage of not containing cholesterol or saturated fat and being relatively ric

AGNI, The Digestive Fire, The 'General' Of Digestion

Ayurveda calls the entire activity in the first section of the digestive system AGNI, or 'digestive fire'. AGNI 'cooks' the food further in order to make its nutrients available for the cells and tissues at a later stage.The ingested food can be broken down into its basic nutrien

Medicinal Benefits of Honey

Honey is one of the world's most famous substances. It is mentioned in many religious texts, including the Holy Quran, as a healing substance and really is an under appreciated natural liquid. I want to write about a few things in this article - take a few minutes to enjoy this read.

Immune boosting foods

Immune boosting foods are those foods which increase your immune system and keeps them healthy, it fight back against the foreign substances that attack to your body .Immune system is responsible for

Can You Walk Off the Harm That Diet Sodas Put on Our Bodies?

It happened today - I read another health article that diet drinks are bad for a person if they are trying to lose weight.After reading the article, I became very sad because I love my Diet drinks.Diet drinks are calorie free and that is what I like.The criticism is the artificial sweetener that is

Secret Truths of Nutrition Quackery 101

Simple Guidelines to provide direction and Best practices when it comes to Nutrition claims and diet Myths These guidelines are meant to provide direction and recommendations for best practice. They are not enforceable except in ...

Powerful Fat Burning Foods

While there are literally thousands of diets that promote extreme measures for weight loss, did you know that simply eating fat burning foods could be just as effective as a diet? The body has a unique response and reaction to any meal, snack, and food item. Dietary experts have been able to examine

Protein Needs For a Healthy Nervous System

The human body is made of several different systems, some fairly simple and some very complex. The nervous system is one of the most complicated of these and can be susceptible to both temporary and fairly minor glitches as well as serious, long term and potentially fatal diseases, disorders and con

Find a Chiropractor for your health care

Are you probing to find a chiropractor who can guide you wisely? It has been found that there has been a sudden increase in the patients who are suffering from spinal injury, nervous problems and this

Quinoa Gluten Free Diet - What Are the Benefits?

Quinoa was referred to by the Incas as their golden grain because it is one of their sacred staples. It didn't surprise me when I found out that it's considered as one of the super foods we have around. I recently started with my quinoa gluten free diet and I'm telling you, I'll

How To Stick To Your Healthy Eating Plan

Starting a healthy eating plan of sorts may look easy at the start, but wait till you drop by the grocery or pass through the local fast food joint. Once the temptation to binge sets in, you could be

Creating The Right Healthy Eating Plan For You

If we want to live long and happy lives, we need to be in good health. Maintaining your good health is something that can often seem like more of a chore than a lifestyle, especially if you are the type to eat a lot of junk food and not get a whole lot of exercise. When you do not live a healthy lif

Chiropractors Recommend Dairy For Overall Health

Most chiropractic practices offer nutritional advice based on physical examinations, the injury or problematic condition in question, and subsequent results after treatment. Chiropractors primarily work with patients on spinal adjustment, which is when they manipulate the vertebrae in the back in or