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Unpacking The Healthcare Debate: Interview With Pamela Mearsheimer

Discussion with Pamela Mearsheimer regarding the various concerns voiced in the health care debate. Note: This entry was written in mid-November and as such some of the debate has already taken place. The political issues and risks to our country financially and in terms of health care remain.

A Little Bit of Government Humor

Read about the "efficiency" and "common sense" that prevails in Washington. What happens to your home town hero when he starts breathing that "night air in Washington DC"?

48-Hour Aerial Cease Fire; Just kidding!

They say all is fair in love and war. Israel obviously was not going to allow their aerial cease-fire to be taken advantage of by the International Terrorist Organization, Hezbollah. And of course Hezbollah rather than caring about innocent lives, decided to take advantage of the lack of air support

How to Vote in Minnesota With a Change of Address

The State of Minnesota, in an effort to simplify voting and avoid conflicts and voter difficulties, has developed a method for updating address information for voters who have relocated within the state or moved into the state prior to a general or local election.

Why Can't We Have Tiger Woods For Vice President?

Tiger Woods is one very accomplished young man and he is an inspiration to all that watch him play. Not only is he dedicated to his family and the game of golf but he is a tireless worker. His perseverance and strength of character shines through, so why don't we recruit him to help lead this n

John McCain's New Tax Plan

Recently John McCain announced his idea for how to simplify the tax filings for millions of people. Finally, a workable idea!!! His idea is quite simple and would solve many problems. For those of you who didn't hear about it, here it is in a nutshell.

Should We Give The Pakistani Government Financial Aid?

Financial aid is a necessary part of doing the business that we do. The US State Department is not deluded into thinking that we can buy friends but we know that this aid is a necessary part of doing business.

A Perfect Label For a Democratic Or Republican Candidate

Candidates nominated by either of the political parties are actually twin sons of different mothers. Both Republican and Democratic parties are controlled, and run, by either the right or the left despite the fact that a majority of voters reside in the middle. The common label attached to the Democ

Social Learning Theory & Gender

Social learning theory explains how people learn from one another. Created by Canadian psychologist Albert Bandura, the theory contends that people learn through observation, imitation and modeling. Bandura's work is used to explain human behavior and the acquisition of values in several disciplines

The Internet - The US Vs the UN

The Un wants to high-jack the internet and dethrone the ICANNN (Internet Corporation for Assigning Names and Numbers)...

How to Negotiate Flexibility Into a Manufacturing Collective Agreement

Many of the world's most famous brand-named products like Microsoft's Xbox and HP printers are made by other companies called original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs. Negotiating flexibility into a manufacturing collective agreement in the billion-dollar OEM market takes an open mind, revenue mode

Recent Political Affairs in Texas

In Texas, politics have played an important part in recent years as there is a large amount of support for both the political parties present in the United States government. Before 1990, the Democratic Party used to be the dominant force in the region but its popularity has waned in recent years al

How Mitt Romney Won Florida

Florida is the state that makes or breaks a candidate. Since 1972, the winner of the Florida primary has become the party's nominee. In 2012, this winner was Mitt Romney.

Multiculturalism and Terrorism - 2009

Less than seven and a half years after the most horrific attack on United States soil, our Congress and State Department are extending a gracious invitation to the next Muhammed Attas: Come and get us again. Various acknowledged terror nations are among those invited to send their flotsam and jetsam

How to Change Your Name on a Voter's ID Card

A name change also necessitates changing the name on your voter’s registration identification. Without an updated I.D. you might not be allowed to exercise your right to vote in important elections. Every state has its own procedures, but the fact remains that a name change requires that you u

Country Facts About Cuba

Cuba is under 100 miles away from the southern tip of Florida and yet because of travel restrictions, many people outside the country don't know much about Cuba beyond the obvious media images of cigars and communism. Learn basic facts about the country of Cuba, from its geography and population to

What Are the Duties of a Baptist Choir's President?

A Baptist church choir president has both musical and administrative duties.shaped note hymnal with tuning fork image by Robert Yoder from Fotolia.comBaptist choirs are famous for producing joyful, inspirational music week in and week out, and they look to their choir presidents for...