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That's What She Said Microblogs Are the New Black

"That's what she said" are dirty jokes which have become integrated into popular youth culture are used in situations where a statement said by one individual, while not directly having such meaning, can be understood as an advert sexual connotation and is pointed out by another indiv


A funny demotivational poster mocking Ralph Nader.

Elevating Your Funnybone - Avoiding Crass Humor and Humorists

These days it seems humor has been hijacked. When you listen to stand-up comedians or watch sitcoms, you get the feeling that the writers have run out of good ideas in humor, and are now playing to the base emotions of the crowd. This article persuades you to look in upon your own sensitivities and

Just A Simple And Simple Action Image

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Jeff Foxworthy - Biography

Read a biography of stand-up comedian Jeff Foxworthy, part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Subliminal Messagores

A picture of the Bart Simpson's chalkboard gag, 'I will not plant subliminal messagores.'

Dealing With IT

The department filled with people who are supposed to take care of the technical issues in your company is called the IT (information technology) department. Sometimes this department is called the IS (information systems) department. No matter what it's called, IT IS worthless.

Fishing For Vegetarians

"If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles."- Doug LarsonWith a last name like Fischer you'd think I'd know a thing or two about fish and particularly how to land one into your frying pan.But I don't.

The Genius of Calvin & Hobbes

Magic comes in many forms. It is at constant play in the world around us, every day, simply waiting for the eyes of the observer to find their way to it, open up, and truly SEE once again.

100 Years in Iraq

A political cartoon about John McCain's promise to stay in Iraq 100 years.

Saturday Night Live Episode Recap

Read a recap of Saturday Night Live episode 1574, with host Gabourey Sidibe and musical guest MGMT. Original air date 4/24/10.

Thank (God) For Godless Holidays

Now that the holidays are over, we can get back to the business of America. And thank God - no, strike that, thank the "community" - we have a president who understands what the business of America is (crony socialism, of course!)....

Hillary in Her Own Words

A political cartoon about Hillary Clinton depicting famous Hillary Clinton quotes.

Syria Buck Passes

A political cartoon about President Obama passing the buck to Congress on Syria.

The Best Comedians of Modern Times

There are plenty of mediocre stand up comedians out there. They maybe come up with a good gag or two, or a funny bit, then rehash this material in some form or another for the rest of their feeble careers. On the other hand, a few stand up comedians out there really make a lasting impact and have a

Real Americans

A political cartoon depicting real Americans delivering a message to Sarah Palin.