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How can applicants obtain a Fee waiver?

The application and the petition fees that applicants submit to the USCIS is the main funding on which the USCIS functions. Not everybody can get a waiver and not every USCIS form allows a fee waiver.

How to Legally Immigrate To America

There are more than 35 million legal and illegal immigrants in the United States. Staunch opponents of illegal immigration very easily tell foreigners to Get In The Line before coming to America for work. But are you not curious to know how long this line really is and how most of the people spend y

Canada immigration Q&A

Whats the processing time for canada immigration?i applied for PR in august 2005 in india. the processing time then be 3 years. does it mean that the processing time which was in 2005 will be like pea

Applying For a Visa in the UK - What is the Five Tier System?

In the spring of 2008 immigration UK law underwent a series of changes that introduced a five tier, points-based visa system. The newly designed system is intended to make the visa process far more streamlined and logical. Where once there were over 80 different types of visa application processes,

Frequently Asked Questions of an Immigration Attorney

An immigration attorney gets many questions based on an individual's case details, but we also get a number of questions revolving around potential changes to the immigration system. Although there are plenty of references to immigration reform in the media, it can be difficult to sort through

Types of Visas for Ireland

All Irish visa types require a valid passport.passport image by Aleksandr Lobanov from Fotolia.comApplying for and obtaining a visa can be a daunting, whether you are visiting a country for the first time or have been to the country before. This is certainly no different with Irish visas....

Australia Immigration Services for Petroleum Engineer

If you are an engineering professional and specialize in oil and natural gas extraction stream and are looking forward to migrating down under then you can get in touch with us and avail our expert Au

Immigration Customs Enforcement

The federal agency called the Immigrations Customs Enforcement Agency is the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency or ICE and was made a part of Homeland Security in 2003. Following the attacks on the United States on September 11, Immigration Customs Enforcement which had been a

Migration to Another Country Has Become a Search for Prosperity

Migration to other countries has become a part of life for people who would like to prosper. They are in search of better living conditions. Migration has become necessary by many ways in search of better education, lucrative careers, prospering business and of course to join the family.

Why Top Immigration Attorneys Want to See a Worker Visa Category

Top immigration attorneys agree that the current immigration system does not adequately address US employers' need for essential workers who do not meet the education or skill requirements of the H-1B, L-1A, or O-1 categories. Certain immigration reform plans include a provision for the 'W

Got a UK Pension? Emigrating to Australia? 10 Things you MUST Know - Part 1

If you're emigrating to Australia from the UK you'll probably be worried about getting your visa, passing the medicals, figuring out where to live and getting a job. Rightfully so, but there's one step that far too many Brits think about too late or even worse, not at all and this cou

EB5 Visa Program Explained

There are various visas that are needed for entry into the United States of America. For foreign investors who are willing to invest large sums of money in order to create jobs for businesses there is a visa program that is specifically geared towards them. It has been growing in popularity now for

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program 2013

The changes to the immigration policy come in the form of Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program 2013. The objective with the program is to emphasize on a younger influx of the immigrants, a good appra