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Will You Feel The Chicagoland Cold This Winter?

Even if the temperatures in and around Chicago do not drop to their previous record low of '27F (recorded in 1985), any of us living in or visiting any part of the region during the ...

Residential Solar Energy - Tremendous Savings If it is a DIY Project

Residential solar energy for many people was just a dream a few years back, but now residential solar energy is a possibility for many people as a do it yourself project. Residential solar energy will allow you to enjoy a sense of freedom from the energy companies, because with a residential solar e

Uncirculated Coin

Uncirculated coin is defined on this coin terms glossary page.

Long Beach Electrician

One reason of house fire is come from faulty wiring and it is because of some worn out wiring never detected by our electricians. Long beach electrician is an expert of this problem, when solving this

Passing a Glass Through a Card

Here's a bar bet style challenge where you are able to cut a playing card in a certain manner and cause a larger object to pass through it.

How to Knit Flat Using Circular Needles

You might think that straight needles are for flat projects and circulars are for projects in the round, but there are a lot of great reasons you might want to knit a flat project with circular needles.

What is Usability?

Explaining usability and how it relates to ergonomics.

Bic Soleil - 100 Days of Sunshine Sweepstakes

Enter Bic Soleil's 100 Days of Sunshine Sweepstakes for your chance to win a Mazda Miata or lots of other prizes. The 100 Days of Sunshine Sweepstakes ends on 8/8/2010.

Tips for Freeing Up Space When Expanding Your Family

Whether you're a first-time parent or have welcomed many other babies into the world, nothing compares to the immense happiness that comes from expanding your family. Even the most emotionally reserved parent is liable to ...

A Guide to Fuses

You probably hear friends and family saying they blow fuses in their house constantly but do you even know what a blown circuit is? An electronic tube has a metal area that melts as the ...

"An Evening in Venice" by Anita Badami

View the photo gallery for this painting project, the challenge of which is to create a painting in the style of Whistler's Nocturne paintings, with a limited tonal range and soft detail.

Cobra Commander

Yoooooooo Joe! The "Real American Heroes" keep up the good fight against the forces of Cobra all through 2011. Hasbro sent along some sneak peeks and we're passing them on to you.

Insulation - A Synopsis

Insulation is a good strategy for saving money on cooling and heating costs. The earliest kind of insulation that was used was actually old newspapers along with magazines. These were crammed into walls to help ...