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What Perennials Have 5 Leaves?

Perennial plants and vines survive year after year, adding color and visual interest to the landscape. Plants can be identified by the formation, shape and position of their leaves. Leaves are one of the most useful tools in plant identification. Several common landscape plants present five leaves.

How to Harvest Hazelnuts

If you have hazelnut trees on your property, you don't have to worry about going to the store and buying expensive, prepackaged bags. Harvesting your own nuts is as easy as picking them up off the ground and drying them for a few days. Hazelnuts add a distinctive, nutty flavor to desserts as well as

What are Tulip Tree Problems?

Tulip trees have beautiful blooms.tree pink tulips image by Lars Christensen from Fotolia.comTulip trees are a favorite among landscapers due to their beautiful flowers and big, shade-providing branches. When grown in optimal conditions with proper care, they are typically hardy and...

How to Stop Bean Seeds From Growing After They Have Started to Germinate

The germination rate of a bean seed depends on several internal and external factors. To compensate for this, bean seeds are planted closer as seeds than they will have room to grow as adults. Once it is clear which seeds will germinate, thin the beans to a more suitable distance by stopping some of

Plants That Conflict With Avocados

Avocado fruit produces two substance other plants react adversely to.avocado fruits on a wild avocado tree image by Lars Lachmann from Fotolia.comPlants sharing similar sun and water requirements generally do not conflict with the growth of avocado plants; however, the avocado produces...

How to Catch a Brown Anole in a Trap

The brown anole, Anolis sagrei, is a native Caribbean lizard that was introduced to Florida in the 1950s. It has since become the most prominent lizard in Florida. The brown anole is a relatively harmless lizard. It is not venomous, but it will bite when threatened. It eats crickets, meal worms, fli

What Is the Effectiveness of Flying-Insect Spray?

There are countless flying-insect sprays on the market that make unsubstantiated claims about their degree of effectiveness. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) works in conjunction with other government entities. Among its objectives is to make insect-spray manufacturers truthfully identify

How to Propagate Day Lilies

Daylilies are popular landscape perennials. They range from short and compact to tall mounds of grass-like foliage. Their bloom colors include red, white, yellow, peach, purple, and nearly black to a mix of these shades. Daylilies are also drought tolerant and hardy. Their toughness and fast spreadi

How to Grow Horse Chestnut Trees From Seed

Horse chestnut trees (Aesculus hippocastanum) grow thick and tall, adorned with snowy-white flowers in the spring. From midsummer to fall, the horse chestnut flowers develop into green seedpods. These trees have twisted limbs, with bark that grows in a circular pattern. To grow a horse chestnut tree

Japanese Beetle Repellent

Japanese beetles are shiny green- and copper-colored garden pests initially imported to the United States accidentally in 1916. Found east of the Mississippi River from Georgia to Maine, these heavy feeders are known to attack over 300 varieties of both ornamental and edible plants, feeding on folia

Common Orchids

Orchids can be found in every country except Antarctica. Orchids require little care and last longer than most flowers. There are many common types of orchids, including the epidendrum, phalaenopsis, dendrobium and vanda orchids. These orchids are grown domestically worldwide.

How to Use a Beech Tree for Firewood

Save money and energy by cutting your own firewood. Beech tree wood is heavy and hard, and the tree's smooth trunk aids cutting. Beech tree wood burns cleanly for several hours, giving off good heat and little smoke. If you're lucky enough to have fallen beech trees on your property, use those. Othe

The Average Windmill Power Output

Windmills have been used by mankind for centuries to generate work output for various purposes. From milling grain to pushing water to industrial uses to pumping water out of the ground, humans have become better and better at using the power of wind for their own devices. Most recently, people have

Why Are My Flowers Turning Brown and Dying?

All garden plants including flowers are prone to a number of disorders including serious fungal infections. Even the flowers growing under optimal growing conditions are susceptible to diseases. A common fungal disease causes flowers to brown and die.

Are Bees Attracted to Sage Bush Flowers?

Many species of sage exist, and bees like the flowers of them all. From the familiar culinary sage to native species such as hummingbird sage, to ornamentals such as Mexican bush sage, you will attract many honeybees if you grow sage.

How to Plant & Care for Marigold Dwarf Flowers

Dwarf marigolds have always been a gardener's favorite for their compact size and colorful blooms. They are easy to grow and are a quick way to fill a garden or bedding area with color. Both bees and butterflies are attracted to the dwarf marigold's blooms. There are many different cultivars, but mo

Type of Ficus Tree Leaves

Ficus leaves come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes.Jupiterimages/ ImagesMany different species, from rubber trees to weeping fig, are members of the ficus genus. Such a wide variety of specimens produces many different kinds of ficus leaves. Some leaves are up...

Red Peppers Going Soft Before Harvest

Peppers are popular garden plants available in a number of types and cultivars well suited for a broad variety of uses. Sweet bell and banana peppers are among the most popular peppers found in home gardens. It can be alarming when a pepper appears to be rotting while the fruit is still growing and

How to Prune Ficus Roots

Many species of ficus can grow as indoor plants. Most of these species can reach over 50 feet in height if allowed to grow unchecked. This is much too large for most homes or offices to accommodate comfortably. To keep your ficus' size in check, you must periodically prune its roots as they begin to