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Should You Seed or Fertilize Grass First?

Reseeding the lawn is an effective way of fixing bare areas. Oftentimes, the flurry of the beginning of the growing season has gardeners wondering about the correct order to conduct their lawn care. Taking certain steps in order prevents common mishaps, such as adding too much nitrogen and burning g

When to Plant Bee Balm Seeds

Bee balm (Monarda didyma) is a beautiful and aromatic perennial that attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. Bee balm--which is also known by the names wild bergamot, Oswego tea, and horsemint--reproduces and spreads easily once it is established. When planting bee balm seeds, there are a few t

How Do I Connect a Cubical Curtain Track to the Deck?

Deck privacy is important if you plan to install a hot tub or use the deck as an extra room for your house or apartment. However, there are also times when you want to be able to sit outside in the unrestricted space and enjoy the day. The solution is to install cubical track curtains. These are hea

Outdoor Water Fountains - All That You Need To Know

Outdoor water fountain can certainly transform your ordinary garden area into an extraordinary living space. It offers amazing aesthetic beauty that will blow your mind away. You just need to purchase it from the market as per your requirements. No matter what the size of your garden is you need to

Trex Decks vs. Wood Decks

Outdoor enjoyment often revolves around a deck. Whether it's surrounding your pool, or home to a picnic table and barbecue grill, the deck is where it all comes together. If you're preparing to construct a deck you'll want to use the highest quality materials to make sure that it lasts for many yea

How to Burn a Tree Stump With a Barrel

The removal of a tree stump from the ground can be performed using several methods including herbicides, rot, grinding, digging out or grubbing and burning. The burning method can be performed in the open or within a metal "oven" in the form of a barrel or drum. The metal container traps heat and di

Homemade Compost Container for Red Worm Composting

Although an outdoor compost heap is a useful way to dispose of kitchen waste during the summer months, it may not be a viable alternative in cold winters. Vermicomposting, or composting with worms, solves this problem by allowing for an indoor method of composting that is also easy and inexpensive t

Can Compost Worm Bins Stay Outside During Winter?

Worms used for composting, or vermicompost as it is sometimes called, can tolerate a range of temperatures -- after all, the worms' natural habitat is outdoors. Whether you keep the worm bins outdoors during winter or move them to a warmer spot, such as a garage or basement, depends upon the likelih

How to Use Borax in Swimming Pools

There are a number of alternatives you can use in place of standard pool chemicals, including borax, which can be used in place of soda ash. Soda ash is generally used when the pH of your pool water is too low. Borax raises the pH level without increasing the alkalinity of the pool water, which is a

Black And Decker Pole Saw Review

I know from first hand experience that the Black And Decker NPP2018 is a quality pole chain saw. Earlier this winter, we had a major ice storm come through our city. Since a lot of ...

Invisible Fencing Splicing Instructions

An invisible fence is a wire that emits a radio wave to activate a collar worn by a pet. When your pet comes close to the underground fence, the collar beeps as a warning. If your pet gets closer to the underground fence, the radio wave activates a transmitter in the collar to emit a low voltage sho

Front Porch Ideas for Bungalows or Cottages

Because of their small size and detailing, cottages and bungalows allow for more exterior design freedom than a traditional house; you can use a more dramatic range of colors and details without sacrificing the overall effect. As you plan your front porch decor, use the individual architecture of th

How to Build a Vinyl Privacy Fence

Although vinyl fences often have a higher price tag than wood fences, there are a number of reasons why you might still choose to buy a vinyl fence. Vinyl fences don't require as much maintenance as a wooden fence because they are weather resistant. They come in many beautiful designs and durable co

How to Make a 5-Foot Wooden Gate

A 5-foot wooden gate is not very difficult to make and will fit nicely in a fence gap of around 5 1/3 feet. You can match the height of the gate to the height of the fence, make it a little taller or even have an arched gate top without too much playing around with the design. You don't need expert

How to Install a Corner Insulator on an Electric Fence

Having strong corner posts plays an essential role in maintaining the strength of an electric fence, since these posts must be able to withstand the strain of the wire pulling from two different directions. Both wooden and steel corner posts typically need special terminal insulators that secure the

Worm Infestation in Evergreen Bushes

Western tent caterpillars, sawfly larvae and bagworms infest evergreen shrubs and trees throughout the United States. Heavy infestation can result in larvae feeding on evergreen needles and skeletonizing the tree, weakening and possible killing it after three or four defoliation cycles. You can cont

How do I Diagnose Briggs & Stratton Carburetor Problems?

Briggs and Stratton have been making small engines for lawn mowers for over one hundred years. Whether its a small walk behind lawn mower or a riding lawn mower with a V-twin engine, the procedure for trouble shooting the carburetor can be implemented on any Briggs and Stratton small engines.