How to Clean Mildew From a Sofa

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Ways to Use a Shoji Screen

One of the most popular and functional interior design pieces is the Shoji screen, a translucent screen made of a wooden frame that is traditionally covered in rice paper and used as a sliding door or partition. The Shoji screen has been utilized for centuries in Japan to provide privacy and to deli

How to Remove Stains

Everyone deals with stains at one time or another. Different stains require different removal methods. Knowing some basics will help you and your family stay stain free.

How to Assemble a Shed

Complete shed kits contain everything a homeowner needs to assemble a shed, often in a couple of weekends. While you'll need basic tool skills to assemble your shed, you won't need actual construction experience. Many kits available provide everything from framing to rooftop and wall materials, wit

How to Set Up a New Garage

A new garage holds the potential as a well-organized space for storage, home improvement and other projects. Setting up the garage in a well-functioning manner initially keeps the space running smoothly. The set-up process begins long before you hang the shelves or move in the lawn mower. Create a s

Carpet Cleaning With Fabric Refresher

Makers of fabric refreshers claim the refreshers don't cover odors, but trap and eliminate them, leaving a clean, fresh smell. Fabric refreshers are available in a variety of scents and are made for carpets, upholstery and cars. Some formulas claim to reduce allergens or microbes. When combined with

Can I Use Bleach on a Ceramic Glass Stove Top?

Ceramic glass is just what it sounds like: a mixture of ceramic and glass. Desirable for its durability and transparency, it is often used for radiant heat or inductive stove tops. Smooth and glossy, ceramic glass stove tops are easily wiped clean, but care must be taken to use the proper materials

How to Clean Pet Bowls

Pet bowls can be breeding grounds for all kinds of germs due to the combination of moist pet food and water and the fact that they are placed on the floor where airborne bacteria can easily settle. Pet bowls must be cleaned regularly, just as you clean your dishes after each use. Providing a safe, c

List of Enzyme Cleaners

OverviewJupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty ImagesEnzyme cleaners use chemicals naturally manufactured by plants and animals that spark chemical reactions that break down specific types of chemicals. Because enzymes only work on specific types of chemicals--proteins, lipids, sugars--enzyme...

Do-It-Yourself: Smoke Damage Cleaning

Smoke damage is a huge part of cleaning up after a fire that many homeowners do not think about until they face it. If you have been unfortunate enough to have a fire in your home, then you know how damaging smoke can be. However, you don't always need to hire a professional to come in and clean up

How to Winterize Concrete

Winterizing the concrete around your home is essential maintenance. During the winter, the moisture in the concrete freezes and thaws as the temperature fluctuates, causing the water in the concrete to expand and contract several times in the course of a season. This stresses the concrete and leads

How to Remove Tape Residue From a Wood Floor

Carpet tape is often used to hold a rug into place so that it doesn't end up sliding across the floor, but when it's time to remove the rug there is often a sticky residue left behind. Carpet tape is great for staying put, a double edged sword. Removing it can be quite the tedious chore as it keeps

How to Clean Mildew Stains From Vinyl

One of the major advantages of vinyl products is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Many consumers prefer products made from vinyl because they are highly durable. A disadvantage, however, is that vinyl products are susceptible to mildew, especially when exposed to moisture over time. Althoug

How to Remove Stains on My Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are most people's choice for doing yard work, running around outside with the kids or cooking a large meal. All of these activities can cause unsightly stains on tennis shoes, and you might not know what method you can use without damaging your shoes. Tennis shoes should never be washed

How to Clean Sealer From Slate

Like marble or granite, slate is a natural stone product found in floors, counters and walls of homes to add a rustic and sophisticated look to the decor. Because natural stone is porous, it often attracts stains, and so most manufacturers recommend that you seal the slate in your home with stone se

How to Get White Lime Scale Off of Your Dishwasher

That white film covering the inside of your dishwasher and causing it to smell less than clean is due to hard water. Limescale builds up over time and, when left unattended, can cause clogs in the dishwasher's hoses. Despite the fact that your dishwasher is exposed to cleaning materials each time yo

How to Clean White Out

Many people use correction fluid, sold under the brand names Wite Out and Liquid Paper. While correction fluid has saved countless hours for students and office workers, it can sometimes spill or get on clothes, a desk and other surfaces. Before using one of the following methods, you should first t

How to Remove Water Spots on Glasses

Water spots dry onto glasses as cloudy, blurry marks that leave the glasses looking unclean and uncared for. Since the glass is an otherwise clear surface, these marks become noticeable and typically cover the entire glass surface. By implementing a cleaning routine and also working to prevent the m