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Staining Teak Wood

Teak wood, a popular choice for outdoor furniture, has a natural tendency to turn from a rich golden-brown to a pale, ashy color with time and weather. While some like the look of aged and weathered teak, others prefer the dark, original look, which can be restored by regularly sanding and oiling it

The Best Carpet to Install If You Have Several Pets

A house full of cats and dogs is an active and lively household. With so many furry creatures running around, the carpet can take a beating. When you are looking to purchase and install new carpeting there are several factors to consider if you have several pets. Keep these points in mind when choos

How to Measure a Linear Foot on Formica

Measuring your existing counter tops or cabinets correctly ensures that you will purchase the right length of Formica to fit your kitchen. Formica sheets are 1/16 of an inch thick and are very pliable to fit to the front lip or roll on a counter top and also cover the backsplash at the rear. Formica

Bifold Closet Door Installation Instructions

Bifold doors are a popular alternative to swinging or sliding closet doors. Sliding doors tend to overlap in the center, which can make it difficult to access items in the middle of the closet. Swinging doors require a large amount of space for clearance and can be impractical in smaller rooms. Beca

How to Tile Diamond Patterns on Wall Tile

The standard way of laying out wall tiles is in a grid, by dividing the wall with intersecting vertical and horizontal lines. To install tiles in a diamond pattern, you just turn that grid diagonally. If the wall is perfectly square and the same length on all sides, you simply mark an X from corner

Mohawk Hardwood Flooring Installation

Modern hardwood flooring is usually installed with a special flooring stapler, which shoots the floor staples through the sides of the boards instead of the top, thus hiding them from view. You'll still have to top-nail the courses near the walls because there's not enough room there for the stapler

The Advantages of Waterproofing a Basement

Water leaks can result in a lot of property damage and expensive repairs. Preventing those leaks is the best way to avoid a lot of hassle and expense. The basement is a common source of water leaks and there are numerous advantages to waterproofing your basement before leaks can occur.

Do-It-Yourself Awning Stripe

Few decorative elements evoke Americana in business districts more than awnings. In fact, back in the 19th- and 20th centuries, awnings were so commonplace in large cities that shoppers could walk for full blocks by moving from one shopkeeper’s awning to the next, safely shielded from the sun,

Corrugated Tin Roof Installation

Corrugated tin roofing is an old fashioned type of roofing. It offers a watertight seal and is coated with aluminum and zinc alloy. Tin roofing can also be covered with paint finishes. It is very similar in appearance to metal corrugated roofing. Tin roofing is more popular in foreign countries, but

How to Light Vaseline Glass

Vaseline glass, also known as uranium glass, contains the interesting property of fluorescing luminescent green when exposed to ultraviolet, UV, light. However, most display cabinets are furnished with normal spectrum lighting. To better display the striking fluorescence that Vaseline glass is famou

How to Get Rid of Carpet

Now that you have saved enough money, it's time to rid your home of that old carpet and replace it with new. Tearing out the carpet yourself will save you money. Use the money saved to upgrade the new carpet or use it for room accessories. To make things as simple as possible, gather your friends to

How to Recycle Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans take their places on American dinner tables as places for condiments and spices, such as ketchup, salt and pepper. They come in both large and small sizes and are made of wood or plastic. When your table's Lazy Susan starts to look tired from wear and tear, recycle it for use elsewhere i

Countertop Refinishing Products

Refinish your countertops.the kitchen. image by guiney from Fotolia.comOne of the best ways to preserve your countertops is to refinish them when their surfaces become dull and worn. Refinishing is a process applied to many types of countertop surfaces. Whether your countertops are...

How to: Country Decorating With Wainscoting

Wainscoting is paneling used on the bottom half of the wall and is common in country decor. Wainscoting can be a DIY weekend project, depending on how many rooms it's planned for. Call attention to the wainscoting by painting it a different color than the wall it's installed on. Consider using wains

How to Lay Vinyl Floor Tiles Around an Island Kitchen

Vinyl tiles are one of the easiest floor coverings to install, but to get the layout right you will need to make some careful measurements. When you lay tile on a floor, you normally divide the floor into quadrants and begin laying the tiles where these quadrants meet, but an island in the center of

How Do You Freeze Tapestries to Kill Bugs?

Insects and other organisms can multiply and destroy fabrics or leave the material weakened, discolored or stained. Insects have a life cycle of four stages: egg, larvae, pupa and adult. It is usually the larva stage that causes the damage. Fumigation is a method of killing insects, but uses harmful

Cheapest Way to Build Green Home

When most people think of building in a way that's better for the environment, they think of a house that's more expensive than the average home. Solar panels and better insulation make for higher costs during building, even though they pay off in the long term. But if you want a house that's truly

How to Round an Archway

A rounded archway on the inside of a home adds an eye-catching architectural detail to an entry. Rounded archways look more complicated than they actually are. Archway kits take most of the work out of building a rounded archway. Kits usually come with a three-sided top arch and two three-sided colu

Do-It-Yourself Installation of a Cabinet Top Microwave With a Vent

Many cabinet top microwaves come with a factory-installed front vent option that collects the fumes from the stove top surface and releases them from the top and front of the microwave. This type of microwave vent installation is the preferred method for a basic DIY installation and can be done quic

How to Trim Windows for a Ranch Casing

Ranch casing is a simple, familiar style of window trim which is generally flat and unadorned, with the outer edge of the trim thicker than the inner edge. Trimming out a window in ranch casing is one of the easier trimming projects because you don't have to worry about lining up fluted designs in t