The Art of Unique Crochet Patterns

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Goffering Iron

Collectible Sad Irons - pictures and prices

Metal Detecting In The Rain

So if you do not want to shell out cash to purchase a commercial meter rain-cover you can opt to use ordinary plastic grocery bags.

Why Souvenirs?

It may seem like international souvenirs are becoming obsolete. After all, the internet allows people to buy most things regardless of origin. Souvenirs in general are starting to seem outdated too. With digital cameras requiring only point-and-click levels of expertise and allowing people to see th

Snow White

A collection of nursery rhyme art including scraps and scans of cards.

Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns

Elizabeth Gray from Stampin' Up! shared these directions for making paper Halloween pumpkin lanterns.

How to Quilt a "Random" Pattern Baby Quilt

Gives instructions on quilting baby quilts with small random prints.Some of us like to purchase one piece of fabric for a baby quilt top.We may like the print and it is just easier than having to sew many different pieces of fabric together to make a quilt top.The tricky part about making a baby qui

Make Your Own Kitchen Wall Clocks

Clocks are useful in any room of the house. When used as wall decor, they are little pieces of art and functional at the same time. These days, there are many styles to choose from but one way to get truly unique timepieces that totally matches your kitchen is by making your own kitchen wall clocks.

Easy Soap Making! Great Fun For the Children!

Sometimes getting your kids to wash their hands and take a bath can be a mission. However, what if there was a way to spend quality time with your kids but also get them to love wash time? The truth is that soap making is a fantastic activity for you and you children.

Starting a Coin Collection For Kids

The best time to get a child interested in a hobby is when he or she is still young. By captivating curious minds with something educational, there is a very good chance that they will become responsible adults.

Tips for Piecing on the Bias With Triangles

Right angle triangles are a versatile shape for patchwork quilts. They can be used alone or in conjunction with squares or rectangles. They can be used to make hundreds of patterns.

The Blue Eyes White Dragon

Those who have heard of the legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon, know that it is one of the most recognized and desired cards in all of the Yugioh Trading Card Game.Even though the card doesn't have any special abilities, the Blue Eyes White Dragon starts off with one of the highest attack powers

The Joy of Stamp Collecting

Collecting is a hobby that is as old as time itself. Since the first human was attracted to an object the art of collecting began, and the types of collections are as varied as the population of the world itself. However, one of the most unique collections for hobbyists would be that of stamp collec

Hands, Hoops, Machines and Frames

What is an oval standing quilting frame hoop? What is a ratchet frame or an oval hoop stitch?Craft frames and things, stitchery hoops, embroidery hoops stitchery frames, quilting hoops and quilting frames provide some of the most popular tools used for the skills of stitchery and quilting.Quilting a

What's It worth? The Value Of Sports Memorabilia

I have a Derek Jeter autographed sports memorabilia baseball. How much is it worth? We hear this question all the time.Everybody wants to know how much money they can get for their autographed sports memorabilia. Unfortunately, it's not that simple to determine.

The Ever Popular HO Scale Model Trains

The HO model trains are the most widely used scale in the world. Manufacturers provide an extensive product line with lots of accessories, locomotives, and rolling stock. Due to the large product line, you can easily shop and compare prices to find the best deal. Research should also include the int