How to Store a Dishwasher

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How to Lock the Detergent Cup on a GE Dishwasher

Detergent cups on GE dishwashers come in two different styles: a “turn-to-close” cover and a “push-to-close” cover. Both detergent cup styles lock into place to ensure the detergent will not prematurely spill out of the cup. Occasionally, there are times when the detergent cu

How to Maintain a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters should have regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly and increase their lifespan. At least once per year you should flush your tankless water heater with white vinegar and water. Annually flushing your tankless water heater will give it a much longer lifespan. To do t

Buy Kenstar Mixer and Juicer

An electric juicer and mixer is very essential kitchen appliance. It performs the heavy job of mixing and grinding of food stuffs.

What Is a Lower Damper for on a Fireplace?

Fireplace dampers control the airflow through the chimney, regulating the brightness of the fire and how hot it burns and helping to control the room temperature when the fireplace is out of use. Most fireplaces have at least one damper, and some may have two. The top damper is at the top of the chi

Importance Of Pat Testers Before Using Appliances

PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing is something that should be done in any company or institution which uses electrical equipment. It is important that companies implement PAT testing since this is one of the best ways to check if all portable electrical equipment are safe to use and that no

How to Install an Upper Rack on a Dishwasher

Dishwashers have made people's lives more convenient. Instead of taking hours to wash, dry and put away your dishes, the dishwasher performs the first two steps for you. Several different brands of dishwashers are available, from General Electric (GE) to Whirlpool to Maytag. Sometimes the top rack c

Is Your Air Conditioner Ready to Compete With the Summer Weather?

Finally! The snow is melting and the warmer air is upon us inviting children outside to play, and flowers and trees to bloom. Enjoy these not too hot or cold moments while you can because they won't last long. Pretty soon, summer will be here with its suffocating heat forcing you to have to shu

What Is a Furnance Glow Plug?

A glow plug is part of an electronic ignition system that turns on a furnace. A glow plug also is known as a glow stick or a hot surface igniter.

Adding an Outlet to a Switch

Controlling a receptacle outlet on a switch allows for table lamps or other equipment to be switched on or off when entering or leaving the room. Installing an outlet on a new switch is as easy as connecting wires. Place the two electrical boxes in the locations of your choice for the circuit. You m

How to Replace a Tank Valve for a Propane Cylinder

If you have an older propane tank that remains free of rust, you can rest assured that the tank cylinder will pass inspection. However, if the tank does not have an OPD or overfill protection device equipped fill valve, the tank is useless and will not pass inspection, regardless of the tank’s

What Is a Natural Enzyme Carpet Cleaner?

Enzyme carpet cleaners are popular treatments for stains and odors in carpet. These natural, earth-friendly products contain plant-based, biodegradable enzymes that break down malodorous bacteria and solid matter.

Should You Invest in Condensing Boilers?

Should you invest in Condensing Boilers? In my opinion, investing in condensing boilers can not only reduce heating costs but also offer a range of other benefits as these new age boilers have several innovative features and are safer than conventional boilers.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Review

The history of Frigidaire Company is as old as the history of the refrigerator. It was established in 1916 as the Guardian Frigerator Company in Indiana. As seen from its name, Frigidaire was the first company which has the honor of developing the first self contained refrigerator.

How to Hire a Carpet Cleaner

Accidental spills or overall general use can soil carpets beyond the cleaning ability of household products. A professional deep cleaning can make carpets look as if they were new and can add years to their life. Some allergy and asthma suffers can benefit from periodic cleanings.

Manitowoc Ice Maker Troubleshooting

Manitowoc ice makers are standalone ice making machines for businesses and other users. The ice makers run on a dedicated water connection which allows the machine to continuously make ice. The ice makers may have problems with normal operation from time to time which will reduce the amount of ice t

HVAC Duct Maintenance

Your HVAC ductwork is the series of tubes that carry treated air around the building. If you are installing a new central air or heat pump system in your house, you should make sure the ductwork that will carry your new high efficiency air conditioner is up to par with the system. As all the air flo

Blue Ridge Spas Troubleshooting

Many problems with Blue Ridge Spas are caused by lack of or improper maintenance. When you follow the manufacturer's recommendations for using sanitizer and other additives, you'll prevent common occurrences, such as dirty water, scum and odors. Troubleshooting other issues can be as simple as check

Can I Wire an Outlet in a Light Fixture Circuit?

While it is difficult to provide a definitive answer to a broad question like this---residential electrical systems can be complex after all---it is theoretically possible and in many cases safe to wire a standard outlet into a pre-existing light fixture circuit. But there are two safety and operati

How to Fix a Whirlpool Quiet Partner That Is Not Cleaning?

Whirlpool Quiet Partner dishwashers feature special noise insulation that prevents sound from the motor and cleaning jets from escaping the casing. Noisy dishwashers can be a distraction, especially if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Troubleshooting problems with your Whirlpool dishwasher's