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How Do You Make Rock Candy Crystals?

Science that tastes good always pleases, and laboratory experiments do not get any sweeter than learning to make your own rock candy. The process of making crystals begins with sugar water. Experiment with different concentrations of sugar in the water to get different size crystals. Diluted sugar w

Quick Facts About Neptune

Neptune's discovery came about by using mathematics to predict where this distant world--which is 30 times further from the Sun than Earth--would be and then finding it with the use of a telescope. Its gravitational effects on Uranus led to this method of discovery in 1846.

How to Prepare Your Tree for Karazhan

Karazhan is an ancient tower located in the Deathwind Pass in “World of Warcraft,” a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The tower is available for players level 70 and above in teams of 10 players at a time. To prepare for a raid on Karazhan, you can increase some of the lev

How to Make an AC Motor Run Off a DC Current

Power companies in the United States provide AC or alternating current. Batteries generate DC or direct current. Most motors and appliances run on AC because that is what is readily available. DC can be converted into AC by using a DC to AC voltage inverter. Using this inverter is both easy and conv

How to Take Apart an M15a4 Airsoft Gun

The Classic Army Armalite M15a4 Airsoft Gun is a full-size replica of the AR-15 assault rifle. The rifle is battery operated and shoots 6 mm pellets. Classic Army has licensing rights on the Armalite trademark and stamps each lower receiver accordingly (Armalite is the company that first designed th

How to Make Mittens Out of Recycled Wool

Before you discard your moth-eaten or outgrown wool sweaters, use them to make a new pair of mittens. Making mittens from recycled wool sweaters is easy and it's a great way for you to repurpose garments that might otherwise end up at the thrift store or in the trash. The mittens you make from your

How to Read a Compass for Wind Direction

A compass is an instrument used to determine location and direction in relation to the earth's magnetic poles. A compass can be used for a variety of purposes, including taking a bearing, finding a bearing, or triangulating, but it can also be used to determine wind direction. Wind direction is the

How to Repair Curved Table Legs

Curved table legs offer a distinctive look to all sorts of tables ranging from formal dining room tables to casual cocktail tables. They also serve a function, of course, and problematic legs compromise the stability of a table. Scratches, gouges and nicks are unsightly on curved table legs and take

How to Change Your Voice

Voice, pitch and accent are a result of interaction with other people. Just as human beings follow trends with what they eat and wear, they pick up on speech patterns and accents. There are many reasons to want to change your accent. Perhaps you find your accent unpleasant and want your voice to sou

How to Attach Flexible Magnets

Flexible magnets are used for just about any kind of display nowadays, from inspirational messages to advertisements and even political signs. Flexible magnets are relatively inexpensive to make and can be used on a variety of different objects. There is nothing extraordinary you need to do to your

The Impact of Mulch Close to Tree Trunks

The potential impact of mulch being placed too close to tree trunks depends largely on the species of tree in question as well as how deep and how close the mulch is to the specimen. In many cases, mulch can be helpful and also add to the aesthetic value of a landscape, but over-mulching is detrimen

How to Superheat Steam

The boiling point of water at sea level is 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Any increase in pressure will increase the boiling point. An industrial steam boiler heats water to the boiling point and as steam is produced, the pressure also rises. For each pressure point, there is a corresponding boiling poi

Different Types of Wood Finishes

Wood finishes come in two basic types. Surface finishes harden directly on top of the wood to create a film that protects the wood. Penetrating finishes absorb into the fibers of the wood to help preserve the natural color. Regardless of which type of wood finish you choose, you should...

How Quartz Clocks Work

May The Quartz Be With YouQuartz timepieces operate on a principle called piezoelectricity. Piezoelectricity sounds so far-fetched you might expect to find it in a fantasy film or sci-fi movie. The concept is this, some crystals have electrical properties, if you compress them, they ...

How to Get Wood to Curl

Wood is under tension. Normal kiln- or air-dried wood has stabilized and the tension on both sides is balanced. However, there are some instances when wood is curled the wrong direction. If a wooden seat of a chair curls the wrong way, it will cause the chair to be uncomfortable because is is convex

How to Get a Pokedoll in 'PokeFarm'

In the series of "Pokemon" video games, Pokedolls are dolls that can be purchased and used for decoration in the player's home. Pokedolls can be acquired without much difficulty, provided that you know where to find them.

How to Make Your Own Action Figure Ball Joints

Action figures have been a favorite toy of children since the late 1950s. Today, action figures have become more than simple playthings. People of all ages enjoy collecting, selling and even building their own action figures. One of the major challenges for those who build action figures is making t

How to Tan a Bobcat Pelt

Bobcats pelts are commonly used in taxidermy. Many furriers purchase the whole animal, or the tanned bobcat pelt. Skinning a bobcat is a task that must be done carefully to avoid ruining the pelt. It typically takes a few tries before this skill is fully developed, and patience is a definite require

How to Make a Photo Brighter

Lighting is an essential part of photography. Novice photographers who take photos indoors, perhaps at a restaurant that has little lighting, may not know to adjust their camera settings to accommodate for the low light; therefore, their photos will come out too dark. Luckily, there are programs tha

How to Build a Tipi Model

Making a tipi model is easy to do and only takes about an hour. Before you build your model, take some time to read about Native Americans and tipis. Learn what tipis were made of, how they were formed, how they were decorated on the outside, what the symbols stood for and what they had inside. Afte