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The Signs & Symptoms in the 5th Week of Pregnancy

A pregnant woman in a brown body suit.grossesse 49 image by Nathalie P from Fotolia.comA pregnancy can be different for different women and even with each pregnancy itself. However, there are symptoms that remain fairly consistent throughout a pregnancy and are shared by most women....

The Purpose and Value of Labor Support

From my experience and from the studies I have read there are a great many benefits to labor support. Women are less likely to choose an epidural or analgesia and pain medicine including narcotics. This is due to their ability to control their pain and their perception of pain.

How to Determine Systolic Contraction Amplitudes

"Systolic contraction amplitude" refers to how much arterial pressure variance occurs during the left ventricle's contraction. Systolic blood pressure is the measurement pressure exerted when the heart contracts, while diastolic pressure measures the pressure the heart exerts when relaxed.

Physical Abuse and Premature Births Linked

Premature birth is one of the possible problems expecting mothers could have. Such occurrences usually take the life of the unborn child at high risk. A significant number of babies delivered prematurely do not survive the harsh circumstance of the unscheduled delivery. Almost all pregnant moms do n

Help Getting Pregnant - Tips For Those Who Need Help Getting Pregnant

You are reading this article right now because you need some sort of help getting pregnant. For one reason or another, you are having trouble getting pregnant, and you need help. This article will address issues and possible reasons that you are having this trouble, as well as help getting pregnant

Organic Maternity Clothes - Answers to All Your Questions

The maternity period is more important than any other time period in a woman's life. Maternity, although considered to be one of the most fulfilling periods of a woman's life, comes with its own set of problems.

I Want a Baby Boy - What Should I Do? Advice and Tips to Help

Some couples who are trying to conceive really don't care which gender they ultimately get, but some care very much and want to take a bit of extra effort to ensure that they get the gender that they want.The other day, I received an email from a woman who said "I've decided I that I

Your Chances of Getting Pregnant at 40

A lot of older women feel anxious about getting pregnant at 40. There are safe and obtainable methods that can help you reach your goal of getting pregnant at 40.

Healthy Pregnancy After Multiple Miscarriages

If you've had multiple miscarriages and are ready to give up on having a baby, please read this article. Forget the stats, forget the numbers and be ready for the chance to have a healthy pregnancy.

Five Birth Pool Tips and Suggestions

five Birth Pool Suggestions When picking your Home Birth Resources Don't forget these useful Birth Pool recommendations Home Birth recommendations # 1 - How major is your Hot water tank Bear in mind and recognize ...