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Box Oven

How to make a box oven for camping, part of a collection of craft projects for kids & teens at

How to Find the Perfect Baby Car Seat

A baby seat needs to be carefully decided on by both parents since there are existing laws that strongly suggest the safety standards for children. You will need to do some preliminary research before going ...

10 Do's and Don'ts to Teach Kids How to Research on the Internet

Some kids are using computers or electronics before they can even talk in complete sentences. However, just because we start kids out ridiculously early on electronics, doesn't mean they automatically grow up to know how to use the Internet properly. From early elementary age, students are expe

Top 5 Ideas to Stay Active With Kids

Leading a healthy, active lifestyle means your child will be less inclined to try cigarettes and/or become a smoker. It's harder (but not impossible) to pull couch-potato teens off the couch. It's much easier if you set your family and your kids up early with an engaged, active lifestyle.

Top Ten Tips For Taming Toddler Tantrums

If you have ever watched a desperate mother trying to round up flailing arms and legs as she wipes her child's snot off her arms in the middle of a shopping centre and vowed that your own sweet baby will never carry on like that brat, think again. Tantrums are a normal fact of toddler life. It

Feeding the Tiny Toddler Tummy

A while ago, I had written about weaning a young child, a baby to be more accurate. Now with my child growing older, I thought it may be worth writing down my lessons learned when it came to feeding a toddler. There could be some overlap with my previous article but I must say that the challenges ar

Back to School -How to Strive and Thrive During the Transition

Summer is almost over, and we will soon be seeing the flashing lights of school buses during the morning and afternoon commutes. Now that August has arrived and the summer is quickly coming to an end, it is time for parents to begin thinking about getting ready for school. Gearing up for the new sch

Relieving the Pains of Teething

Teething is when your baby's first set of teeth breaks through the gums. This occurs usually around your baby's 6th month.

Safety gates - to guard your little one

All dad and mom care about their children's safety. Little one security gates are literally one of the prime ten child products purchases and roughly 35 million items are bought every year to maintain up ...

Treating Yeast Infections in Infants

Yeast infection in infants is a tricky condition and parents should definitely pay attention towards treating it in infants as soon as they find it out. Parents can easily recognize yeast infections through its symptoms like oral thrush (white patches in the mouth), painful, bumpy, red diaper rashes

DaVinci Alpha Convertible Crib

DaVinci products have always been trendy since they started operating, manufacturing outrageously crafted furniture way back in 1978. Since then, DaVinci became an emphatic guide in designing interior rooms; hence, along their products that absolutely ...

Social Media and Baby Boomers

Social media usage among baby boomers is increasing, but it still lags in usage as compared to successive generations. Social media has become a part of our social fabric and has many benefits, and yet many baby boomers still hesitate to embrace social media applications in a similar way they resist

Classic Appeal of Embroidered Baby Blanket - Textures and Monograms

The classic touch of embroidery has never lost its appeal. A lot of people use it to make their bed linen more personal to them. It also adds a lush appeal to the otherwise plain linen. Blankets, pillowcases or throw pillows are only some that would look better with monograms stitched on them.

Topsy Turvey Cake Idea

Topsy Turvey cake idea part of our gallery of pictures of teen birthday cakes and event cake ideas. Perfect for parents or teens to get cake ideas for their next birthday party or event. If you are looking for cool cake ideas, we have them here.