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What Kids Learn in Kindergarten

Kindergarten kids work hard and learn a lot in very short time. Not only is kindergarten a year to get used to the routine of school, the idea of being accountable to a new authority figure and to make new friends, but, as kindergarten teachers will tell you, it's a crucial year to build the fo

Expect to Keep Your Home Safe When You're Expecting

Expecting your first baby is an exciting time in any couple's life. There are a lot of things to prepare for. Most couples spend a considerable amount of time preparing the home for the arrival of their new baby.

How to Help the Letdown for Lactation

Whether you are pumping your breast milk or letting your baby latch onto your breasts, the letdown reflex is essential during both of these processes. During the letdown of breast milk, the hormone oxytocin stimulates milk-making cells to contract and eject milk from the breasts. Some women have an

Tips on Effective Child Discipline

Your Children Parents share different views when it comes to disciplining their children. Some advocate spankings and others do not. However, we can all agree that discipline along with love, affection, and guidance is necessary in order to rear healthy and mature adults.

How to Teach Your Child About Safety

You can't be with them all the time - so teach safety basics that will help them make good decisions on their own. These guidelines follow recommendations of the U.S. Department of Education.

Potty Training Reward Ideas

Learning toilet skills, and no longer having to sit in one's own excrement may seem like a reward by itself. Your toddler might not agree. Toilet training is a skill just any other and his of sense of personal hygiene may not motivate regular potty trips for quite some time. Enter the rewards. Your

Is There Too Much Color in Your Toddler Clothes?

Does the color of toddler clothing have any impact on a child's emotional state or wellbeing? This article discusses what has been said about this issue. It also offers some tips for helping your child to become more confident and independent with dressing him or herself and making choices abou

Cultural Differences in Baby Care - Part 1, Pregnancy and Labour

Bringing up children in two very different countries and cultures raises some interesting differences in approaches to pregnancy, giving birth and baby care. This first of two articles looks at the apparent differences during pregnancy and labour.

Are They Just Any Toy?

You enter a toy store and what do you suppose you will see? Vast and vast of toys of course.Parents are naturally the first educators of their children, so when shopping for a toy, they put a great deal of thought into whether their children can learn from it or not before actually buying it.

How to Clean Smelly Children's Bibs

Children's bibs endure a lot of wear and tear over time, collecting food and residue that leaves behind odor. Your regular wash cycle typically will clean the bibs but will not deodorize. This makes it important to include cleaning elements that deodorize the bibs without use of any harmful chemical

Hot Toys For Xmas 2010

Your kids are sure to be biting at your ankles to get them the most recent toys for this Xmas. But what are the favourite toys expected to be out for this years revelry? Have a peek at our listing und

Bright Kids with Learning Problems - When IQ and Achievement Don't Match Up

When some parents think of high-achieving or gifted students, what comes to mind is a child who shines in every aspect of life - one who can be expected to get straight A's in school, have tons of friends, and be a star in sports.The idea is, if you're smart, you're smart, and you sho

Choosing the Right Crib For Your New Baby

One of the biggest concerns most parents have when bringing home a new baby is how well their baby is going to sleep through the night. I know you only want the best for this your baby, and I'm quite certain you do not want to have to buy another baby crib in another year or so.

How do I Teach Faith, Hope & Charity to Children?

Faith is believing in something that you cannot see. Hope is the feeling that what you want can be attained, or that things will work out in the end. Charity refers to generous actions to aid other people. When a child comes into the world, most parents want that child to learn at least one, if not

Baby Naming Tips and Considerations

Choosing the name for your baby will probably be one of the most important, exciting and fun things you will do during your pregnancy.

How to Introduce Cheerios to Babies

Infants are usually ready for finger foods between 8 and 9 months old. At this age, a baby is starting to use her thumb and forefinger to pick things up. Introducing Cheerios helps advance her motor skills while giving her palate a new taste. As long as your baby can sit unassisted and has been eati

Reconnect With Family Meetings

Think you are too busy for family meetings? Thing again! This short investment of your time will pay dividends you can't even imagine until you try. A strong sense of connection, in this busy world, is so valuable to families and deserves to take priority in your life.