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Effective High Blood Pressure Treatments - What Really Works?

If you have high blood pressure, you will have to take action to treat it. If ignored, hypertension can lead to very serious health problems including stroke, heart disease and kidney failure. So what high blood pressure treatments are the most effective? Find out what works best to keep blood press

What Are the Low Blood Pressure Symptoms?

Hypotension is a condition that appears when an individual's blood pressure (the pressure from the blood against the blood vessels walls) is lower than normal. This situation can cause the so called "low blood pressure symptoms", which include:Dizziness, or feeling of losing balance.

Pathology in Coronary Artery Disease

The pathology of coronary artery disease involves a serious health condition that develops over the course of a lifetime, usually exacerbated by either behavioral or genetic risk factors, or a combination of the two.

Women's Health: Heart Disease

Heart disease kills half a million American women each year. So why are women more afraid of breast cancer?

Malignant Coronary Heart Disease

While coronary heart disease (CHD) is quite common, cancer of the heart, known as malignant CHD, is rare. A more specific form of the illness is malignant coronary artery disease, which affects blood flow due to narrowing of blood vessels.

Heart Murmur-Topic Overview

What is a heart murmur? A heart murmur is an extra sound that the blood makes as it flows through the heart. Your doctor uses a stethoscope to listen to your heartbeat. When you have a heart murmur,your doctor can hear an extra whooshing or swishing noise along with your heartbeat. It can be scary t

Correct Heart Defects With the Amplatzer Septal Occluder

The Amplatzer Septal Occluder is a new device being used to correct heart defects causing a hole in the heart between the two upper chambers.This device is a safe and effective way to cover the hole and encourage the body to repair this defect itself.

Walnuts Good for Heart, High Cholesterol

Just like oily fish -- salmon, mackerel, and bluefin tuna -- walnuts and some other plant foods contain omega-3 fatty acids, say researchers.

Types of Congestion

A build-up of fluid or swollen tissue in the body, particularly the lungs or nasal cavities, is referred to as congestion. Congestion can be an annoying and uncomfortable condition at best and quite serious at worst. Types of congestion include nasal congestion, congestion of the lungs and congest

Lowering Your High Blood Pressure - Managing High BP

High blood pressure is a condition wherein the blood passes the arteries having a force that is significantly higher than the normal pressure. Once your blood pressure shoots up and it is left uncontrolled many undesirable things could follow including heart failure, and eventually death. Having thi