How to Apply a Hair Clip to a Yo-Yo

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How To Erase Stretch Marks

Unless you have the expendable cash for surgical or laser treatment for stretch marks, the topical lotions and creams are your best option. Be prepared to experiment a bit until you find a remedy that works great for you.

Decorating Your Salon With Beauty Furniture

One of the effective techniques to boost your hair and beauty salon is to decorate it with useful and trendy beauty furniture. Although decorating a salon isn't that easy, you need to find ways on what to make the setting more pleasing to absolutely free themes as well as visitors.

How to Use Hair Gel for Texture

Hair gel is a styling product used to texturize the hair. Using gel on wet hair will allow you to "scrunch" longer hair to give it a wavy look; using gel on dry hair will allow you to mold your hair. Either way the gel is used, it will offer substantial hold to your hair, enabling the style to last

What Do Pearls Consist Of?

Pearls are made of the same substances a mollusk uses to build its shell: a mineral called aragonite and a type of protein called conchiolin. Taken together, these two materials are called nacre.

How to Remove Unwanted Hairs on the Back

Men usually have trouble with a large amount of hair on their backs. Some women have this problem too, as some women tend to have patterned hair growths that extend from the lower region of the back toward the nape. Here are some methods that you might want to try in the effort to remove those unsig

What Is the Strongest Chain to Wear With Pendants?

The perfect pendant is a lovely and versatile piece of jewelry. Worn on a chain, the pendant can hang low around the neck, or high at the collar. Choosing a chain to wear with a favorite pendant is important for several reasons. The styles of your pendant and chain must be complementary in color, si

Look Stunning After Undergoing Hair Transplant Procedure!

Losing hair can prove to be very stressful for some people. It is true that women attach a lot of significance to the way they look. Hair forms an integral part of their image. It plays an important role in deciding the looks of a person.

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The red carpet at the 2010 SAG awards was filled with glamorous dresses -- many one-shoulder looks, blues and reds, and some stunning short and backless numbers. See what Meryl Streep wore.

How to Shave With a Braun

Braun produces electric shavers that promise to give you smoothness, a close shave and convenience. As of June 2010, Braun offers five models, and all of them are equipped with advanced shaving technology. If you're a razor-and-shaving-cream kind of man, these devices can seem intimidating. Don't le


BET Awards arrival photos include a wide array of jewelry, but huge earrings were the standouts at the 2009 show, which took a look back at the career of Michael Jackson.

How to Get a Body Chemical Peel

Body chemical peels can be a rewarding experience if done professionally under the application and guidance of a certified doctor. Getting a body chemical peel requires an understanding and knowledge of the process to achieve desired results.

How to Make Daily Makeup Antibacterial Spray

Makeup application can be a very involved process. There are numerous tools that can be used to apply foundations, concealers, eye and lip coverings. Using these tools repeatedly without properly cleaning or disinfecting them can lead to a build up of bacteria. It may be difficult to find time to cl

Hair Growth: The Inside Edition

Hair growth reflects a lot about our self-esteem, preference, gender, age, and attitude. Hair can be an attraction or a conflict.

Making Money From a Homemade Cosmetics Business

It may be easier than you think to start your own cosmetic business right from your home. Sooner than you think, you may be selling your homemade cosmetics to friends, neighbors and even retail stores...