Georgia's Laws on Employee-Owed Money

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New York Supreme Court Criteria for Related Case Designation

New York law sets the criteria for joining cases.Legal Law Justice image by Stacey Alexander from Fotolia.comThe New York Civil Practice and Law Rules promulgates court procedure for all civil law suits heard in New York courts. Article 6 of the New York Civil Practice and Law Rules...

Importanace of Paralegals in Florida

Paralegal Now is having 12 year Experience in this business and there is no doubt in quality of service from their side. Company charges on hourly or weekly bases from their clients and execute work s

How to Stop Illegal Immigration at the Workplace

Federal law forbids the employment of most foreign visitors to the United States. Families of visiting students, tourists and illegal immigrants cannot legally hold a job. The prohibition only works if employers follow the rules. Employers do not have to verify the right to work of household employ

Four Steps to Choosing the Right Solicitor

At various points in your life, you're going to need legal assistance. Whether you're buying or selling property, going through a divorce, or claiming for medical negligence, you'll need to look for expert assistance from ...

Mississippi Wage & Hour Laws

Mississippi follows federal guidelines for wage and hour regulations. (See References 1)Mississippi state contour against blurred USA flag image by Stasys Eidiejus from Fotolia.comAccording to the Employment Law Handbook, state-specific wage and labor laws are not in place in Mississippi...

Effective Ways on How to Conduct Search by SSN

If you wish to search for those people you haven't seen in years, you don't really have to go elsewhere. Some of you may even go to various places just to check on those people ...

Consoling Effects of Having a Family Lawyer

Nowadays, many kinds of frauds occur in our day to day life. Some frauds are regarding the family, which are personal and some related to the outside world which we may not be that much aware.

Liberty of Contract and Constitutional Law in United States

Liberty of contract, price regulation, protective labour legislation and regulation of product quality are enduring questions in American constitutional law. Classical political economy was committed to the belief that people should be able to enter ...

Fire Sprinkler Distance Rules

Every state has different laws governing the positioning of fire sprinklers, but all states must follow certain federal laws. Federal law states that fire sprinklers must be positioned and located to provide satisfactory performance in terms of activation time and distribution. Sprinklers can have d

OSHA Safety Harness Specifications

Workplace falls account for a number of on the job fatalities every year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that 677 fatal fall accidents occurred in 2008 alone. In order to prevent fatal accidents from falls, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a number of specifications fo

How to Assemble a Section 8 Applicant File

Section 8 housing is a federal housing subsidy program administered by local Section 8 housing authorities. When you apply for Section 8 housing, you must prove your income, family size and composition, identification, employment status and wage history, rental history and assets. Have documents rel

How to Apply for a Social Security Card in Surprise, AZ

Surprise, Ariz., does not have its own Social Security office. You can travel to the nearest office in Glendale, Ariz., or you can apply for a Social Security card from the comfort of your own home. The longest part of the process is waiting for information to get moved back and forth in the mail. T

How Employment Lawyers Can Protect Your Rights

Every day there are many people who have to work or who have been unfairly dismissed by their employers. Unfortunately, these events are too familiar so that there is demand for lawyers in the workplace ...

Actions To Taking On How To Keep Away From Identity Theft

Identity theft is that criminal act that has far reaching implications. The short term affects of identity theft is that individuals can unlawfully obtain merchandise utilizing the individual's credit cards and ATM cards. However, the ...

Petitioning for Sole Custody

In child custody cases, courts are more and additional favoring joint custody over sole custody. With regard to 'legal custody,' which is the correct to be involved in decisionmaking about the child&a