Ideas for Being Unique and Decorating Each Reception Table Differently

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How to Have a Vampire Themed Party

With the slew of vampire books, movies and television shows aimed at teenagers, your teen may want to organize a party dedicated to these mysterious creatures. Rather than focusing on the sinister vampire costumes and eerie music typically used during Halloween festivities, turn the celebration into

Unique 16th Birthday Party Ideas

A sweet 16 celebration is an event that teens look forward to as an important party.birthday party image by Liz Van Steenburgh from <a href=''></a>The sweet 16th birthday celebration is a milestone event in a young person's life. A party is a...

Funny Groom Speeches That Enhance The Spirit Of Audience

Funny groom speeches play an important role in making the wedding atmosphere nice and relaxed. Wedding is all about celebration and enjoyment and the best way of adding to the celebration is to make a funny and feel good groom speech. Most people agree with the opinion that all great groom speeches

How to Make a Layered Wedding Invitation

Making your own wedding invitations is not as difficult or involved as you might think. If you have a printer and a little time, making your own wedding invitations might be a way to save on wedding expenses. What's more, you can also create exactly the invitation you desire when you make your own i

Catholic Christening Party Planning Etiquette

According to the website Catholic Doors, the word “baptism” stems from the Ancient Greek words for “immerse” and “plunge.” During the ritual, the child is sprinkled with holy water to symbolize the babe’s innocence and to celebrate his or her entrance into t

Ideas for an Ugly Sweater Party

The premise of an ugly sweater party is simple: ask your guests to locate and wear the ugliest sweaters they can find. Some may have them tucked into the back of their closets, while others may raid a thrift store. Set the mood with decorations, food, drinks and entertainment that fit the quirky the

How to Make Place Cards for Weddings

Weddings can get quite pricey, which is one reason many couples look for things they can do themselves. Besides the financial aspect, having every detail of your wedding stand out as creative or personal is another big reason to do certain things yourself. Make your own place cards for the reception

How to Make Tulip Sachets to Hold Bird Seed

Birdseed sachets for weddings come in a plethora of ready-made designs. If you can't find the tulip favor design you have in mind, then the only solution is to make your own. Making your own bird seed sachets as wedding favors is a fun project that you can share with your bridesmaids, friends and fa

List-busting Wedding Gifts

Wedding listslove them or hate them? Are they a labor-saving device for time-pressed relatives or an exercise in brazen cheek? While you're making up your mind, think of the alternativebuying a gift for the wedding couple that is from you, thought of by you but has sentimental value that will l

How to Make a Satyr Costume

Satyrs are creatures from Greek mythology. The upper part of their body is human, while their lower half is that of a goat, with flanks, hooves and a tail. They have goat horns on their heads. Satyrs are the male companions of Dionysus, god of wine. A satyr costume is straightforward to put together

Some Advantages of Hawaii Beach Wedding

Wedding is the most special day in everyone&#039;s life and we all make it memorable and wish to fill that day with lasting memories. As a bride every girl has wish to tie the knot on a beautiful

Creating a Memorable Wedding Celebration

Gina and David (not their real names) had a traditional Catholic wedding. That was important to them. But they also wanted a way to create a memorable wedding celebration. They succeeded - big time.

College Party Theme Ideas

College is a time when young adults are making their own decisions -- many for the first time in their lives. Decisions about which major to choose, whether to join the Greek system, which dorm to live in their first year and, yes -- which parties to attend. College partying creativity has come a l

Beach Wedding Decorations to Add a Hint to Romance That Lasts Forever!

A beach is a romantic place. A visit to this amazing place fills one with endless memories of pristine white waves dashing against each other, the impeccable beauty of sunset, the feel of sand clinging on to the wet feet trying to make their mark and the wealth of shells, conchs and pearls can overw

Fun Birthday Ideas for Tweens

Try new and creative ideas for celebrating your tween's birthday.birthday cake image by palms from Fotolia.comYour son or daughter is approaching his or her teen years and wants to celebrate an upcoming birthday in a new and fun way. Another slumber party or surprise party or dinner and a...

Favor Ideas for a 75th Birthday Party

Celebrate turning 75 with a partyon the birthday image by Alexey Klementiev from Fotolia.comCelebrating 75 year with a party is a great way to commemorate this huge milestone. Sending favors home with guests is a nice way to thank them for attending. Tailor the favors to the theme, or to...

How to pick my own Wedding Dress

If you are a younger woman you have considered the method that you wish to check out your wedding reception. This is actually the very important factor that your wedding planner can&#039;t help yo

Because Precious Moments Are Meant To Last A Lifetime

In Sri Lanka wedding photography has become a flourishing profession. Most couples search extensively for the best wedding photographer to capture that very special day so that each emotion which is felt on that special day could be captured for generations to come.