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What You Should Know About Marriage Counseling

If you are having some problems with your marriage, one of the things that you might have heard to try is marriage counseling. Some folks though are afraid to try it because of the uncertainty. ...


Is living relationship right or wrong ,this is an interesting question .Many feel it is correct and many feel the otherway. All have their logic and viewpoint and they all are correct upto a certain e

Divorce and Child Custody:Benefits of a Detailed Parenting Plan

When parents come to an agreement on a detailed parenting plan that reflects the overall best interest of their child often enjoy the benefit of a stable, predictable, and consistent schedule thereby reducing misunderstandings, conflicts, and the potential for unnecessary costs related to litigation

Divorce's Premier Money Grabbers - Anger and Anxiety

Anger is our most powerful emotion, and the anger we experience in divorce is pure poison. It is an overpowering, specialized, and intense form of anger that we have not felt before. It is a form of temporary insanity that catches us off guard and turns us into monsters. And, to top it off, we can&a

How Can a Person Possibly Stop a Divorce With Their Spouse?

You may be wondering how can a person possibly stop a divorce with their spouse when the marriage seems to be so hopeless? The chances of stopping the divorce is quite high if you know the right tactics to save your marriage.

Wedding Favors In Canada

There are several different approaches that can be used to tackle the issue of wedding favors. Currently there is a surge in the clientele concerning the need for an exclusive wedding reception with n

Are You a Victim of Love?

"Victim of love I see you're broken hearted... I could be wrong but I'm not." I sang those very words along with Don Henley, while strolling the streets of Dinky town in Minneapolis during the early nineties. It wasn't that I was a victim of love at the time, I just loved Do

The Big “NO-NOs” When Dealing With Infidelity

As we all know, women are more emotionally-wired than men. Meaning, they have the tendency to allow their emotions control their actions and their way of thinking. So when married women face the infidelity of ...

Qualifying For Annulment

In the state of Texas there are some differences between annulment and divorce. If you are a person that married some time ago you and you plan to end your marriage it is very important of knowing the laws of the divorce or annulment settlement you are going to need.

How Do You Know When You Are Loved

How do you know when you are loved? What does it take for you to feel the over powering emotion that someone truly loves you? When you stop to analyze what you think and why, you should begin to realize that you are the controller of a vault of emotions and beliefs that you have stored up from past

All You Need is Love

You have heard it said by the Beatles not so long ago, "all you need is love". And verily I say unto you - this is true, and good. Love is the source of all that truly is, 'tis true. Without love, there is nothing. Nihilo. Nada.

Online Marriage Course -- Part 6 -- Marriage Sexuality

This is Part 6 of a 10 part online course. Many have said that "Good lovers are made, not born." If you truly want your sexual relationship to be all that it can be, take time this week to communicate with one another your thoughts and your feelings concerning your sexual relationship.

Love is a Like a Roast Dinner

Dating is very much like a roast dinner. You have to ensure that the right blend of tactics and conversations are used in order to create the perfect blend, just like a roast dinner. The ...