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Making Wood Pellets is Going Toward Small Scale

Until recently making wood pellets has been almost exclusively done in large commercial pellet mills. There has been a recent trend in small scale producers entering the market and even home owners making their own wood pellets.

Alternative Energy - Converting Trash to Energy Makes Sense

Contrast the approach to handling trash in Denmark with that in New York. Denmark collects trash locally and, after making sure all recyclables are separated, burns this waste to create electricity. New York, on the other hand, sends 10,500 tons of trash each day to landfills as far away as Ohio and

Bringing Sea Water Inland to Desalinate; Possible?

There have been many schemes to help our fresh water supplies. Some of them are controversial, some are costly and some are strategies requiring huge infrastructure to be built. Currently in many places we are now allowing treated sewer water to flow into underground aquifers for recharging. Later t

Conservation Effort Helps Preserve Rare Native Oak Population

Near the Kansas-Nebraska border stands a rare native population of oaks that plays an integral part in Nebraska's landscape conservation. This unique stand of dwarf chinkapin oaks grows in shallow soil over limestone. Preserving this native habitat is essential; the tree is listed as threatened

Cleaning Without Chemicals

With environmental issues appearing in the news with greater regularity, many people have been feeling the need to behave in a more environmentally friendly manner. When it comes to commercial cleaning services, some providers are looking to head in the same direction.

Solar Flares the 8 Minute Journey

Solar flares are the biggest explosions in the universe, and the most energetic. They were first discovered by Galileo in the early 17th century, and then later on in 1859 by an English amateur astronomer by the name of Richard Christopher Carrington. Since then, they have not only been observed on

Is Money the Main Consideration in Greening the Real Estate Market?

Many people are beginning to accept the fact that first costs are not the only factor to consider when building green or renovating with energy efficient materials and systems. Consumers need to learn about energy efficiency and the long-term value of the renovations they invest in through their cer

California - "The Green State" - Yeah Right!

According to the kindergarten cop....."We must do everything in our power to slow global warming before its too late."Sounds like a doomsday prophecy for our future.But is the Greenhouse Gas Bill really necessary or is it just a ploy to gain popular opinion.

Five Small Ways You Can Make an Environmental Difference

There are Five Small Ways You Can Make an Environmental Difference in the issues of global warming and other environmental issues.With all the media coverage on these topics, you might want to know how you can help.Most of these can be done on a daily basis and over time can make a real impact.You c

For Whatsoever a Man Soweth, That Shall He Also Reap

Known as the first health resort in the world, the Dead Sea, once utilized as a refuge by King David, and "Herod the Great", continues to lure millions of modern day visitors who are in pursuit of its known medicinal and healing qualities, as well as hoping for a chance to experience first

2012 Doomsday Planet X - A Reality Fast Approaching

There is no denying that the 2012 Doomsday Planet X scenario is more than theory. There is some significant scientific evidence that points to the fact that these events are fast approaching. If you need some proof, simply look at the logical and fact-based evidence for yourself.

Gray Goes With Green

A rapidly increasing trend in the Green building surge is the incorporation of gray water systems to recycle water used in structures, thereby cutting down the total amount of water being consumed. Graywater use is becoming part of the Green movement.

Pursuing Green Technology: Entrepreneurs Think Big!

Have you ever heard of spray on solar panels and fuel produced from bacteria? Sounds crazy, right? Like some thing straight out of a science fiction novel? These farfetched strategies are truly becoming looked at in the business, academic, and scientific worlds.

The Effects of Solar Energy

With all the talk regarding solar energy for many years its time has finally come. The gradual inevitable depletion of natural resources has made alternative.....

4 Chemicals Found in Tap Water That Are Putting Your Family at Risk

Have you ever imagined that it could be dangerous to drink a glass of water?Every municipal water supply in the country and many around the world, have tested positive for a wide range of dangerous chemical toxins.The presence of these chemicals are the reason the need for filtered tap water has nev

Rating A Product's Carbon Footprint - Creating A Wiki For Consumer Products

Many of us still live in complete ignorance of how the rest of the world lives, but a growing number of us are starting to get it.We realize that just making changes that impact our household or perhaps neighborhood are just not enough.So how can you make a change on a micro level that impacts the m