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How to Make Your Voice Deeper on a Microphone

Some people are never happy with the way they sound when recorded. However, singers, narrators and voice-over artists have to quickly get over this fear. Experience in those industries quickly yields a secret. Skilled artists can use the microphone to their advantage and use a combination of practic

Beat Making Programs-Free Tips

Let me provide you with some advice as to why using beat making programs may be the easiest route to go when learning how to make beats.

Big Percussion for Small Venues

For decades, drummers have had a real problem with playing small venues. With the trend of coffee houses, micro-breweries, wine bars and other intimate locations on the rise, the drummer is being faced with the challenge of supporting the tempo of the band, combo or duet while adding to the overall

Destiny's Child Surviving?

In general, line-up changes are the kiss of death for a music act. Sure, Van Halen had a comfortable transition from David Lee Roth to Sammy Hagar, but when Gary Cherone lent his vocal chops to the veteran rock act, it proved to be a colossal disaster. How about Motley Crue without Vince Neil? That

Guitar Lessons - What a Great Guitarist Needs

You may have been thinking about learning guitar since watching Linkin Park playing their song Somewhere I Belong. But before becoming a great guitarist, you need to have some basic knowledge about guitar.

Ibanez Tube Screamers

Along with many guitar models that Ibanez has produced, they have also produced effects pedals in which the Ibanez Tube Screamers were a huge success.

Indie Profits: It' s No Secret

It is no secret...As an Indie Label, your artists will see more profit per record sold than they would if they had a deal with a major label. This means your business' Return of Investment is greater than major record labels'.This is awesome to know if were thinking about how to start and

Nazareth: Still Loud And Proud

The hard rock band Nazareth has legendary as well as influential status. Somewhere over forty years from their first album they are still active both recording and touring. How many rock fans from the early 1970s grew up on the classic Loud 'n' Proud album treasuring that slab of vinyl mor

Top 8 Bruce Cockburn Songs of the '80s

Typically for song lists like these, I like to spotlight some of the lesser-known tunes from well-known artists not lacking in general airplay. In this case, I'm focusing on an artist whose most familiar compositions remain sadly unheard, especially in America. For that reason I'm selectin

Church Pianist Job Description

For a professional pianist, working as a church accompanist is one of the most steady and readily available sources of income and employment. When considering work as a church pianist, or just preparing to work with one, it's important to be familiar with the essential functions of the job.

Learn to Play Electric Guitar - Where's the Best Place to Start?

You can always try to teach yourself to learn to play electric guitar, which I'll talk about in a minute. But I find that nothing can replace actual lessons when you're learning an instrument. There's also no fast, or quick way to learn an instrument, and that includes electric guitar

How to Open MoonShell on the DSi

Nintendo DSi continues the company's legacy of excellent handheld video game platforms. Although the DSi excels at playing games, support for other types of media is lacking. The DSi, however, does have SD Card reading capabilities. When the MoonShell multimedia player is installed on the card, the

Ways to Tie a Knot in a Wire

Tying knots in wire can be simple or extremely frustrating, depending upon what type of wire you are knotting and whether you are using the proper tools. Jewelry wire and industrial fence wire call for entirely different approaches. However, there is usually a way to get a knot into any piece of wir

Musical Theater Gifts

Musical theater is an enjoyable way to pass the time for art and music lovers as well as a passionate endeavor for artists pursuing the art form to earn a living. Whether you're purchasing a gift for an overall aficionado or a performer, numerous creative options are available to you....