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Roman Art History

Rome has centuries of art history. From ancient Rome to Byzantium, to the Italian Renaissance and the Baroque, to Arte Povera and Superstudio in the twentieth century, Rome has long been a hub for artists, historians and philosophers. When people use the term "Roman art," however, they are usually r

Battle of Crater

Want the fast facts about the Battle of Crater? Learn about the battle, its outcome, and its significance.

Ambush in the Wilderness: Battle of Oriskany

The Battle of Oriskany was fought August 6, 1777, during the American Revolution. Part of the Saratoga Campaign, the Battle of Oriskany saw American forces ambushed while moving to relieve Fort Stanwix. In the Battle of Oriskany, American forces were beaten, however Native American morale was damage

Bandits' Roost

A photograph by Jacob Riis of the Bandit's Roost, an alleyway off Mulberry Street in lower Manhattan in the late 19th century.

Mayan Calendars

Everyone has heard of the Mayan Calendar. The Mayans lived in Central America and predicted that the world would end on December 21, 2012,. Perhaps it is really that the world will end as we know it,

Key Figures of World War One

World War 1 lasted just over four years, and included many belligerent nations. Consequently, there are a lot of famous names involved in this listing

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Hisarlik is the site Heinrich Schliemann thought was Troy.



Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Profile of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary whose death led to World War I.


Legends in Ethiopia state that the Biblical Queen of Sheba was Makeda, a ruler from the ancient Ethiopian city of Axum.

North Korean Advance Grinds to Bloody Halt

With their backs to the sea, the UN forces fought desperate see-saw battles with the North Korean Army all around the Busan Perimeter throughout August of 1950. The tide begins to turn with the Invasion of Incheon, in which UN troops made an amphibious assault on the east coast near Seoul, well behi