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A Young Mans' Dream

A young man encounters overwhelming obstacles and continuous criticism, in his quest to achieve his dream of publishing his most controversial work.

How to Gild a Gold Chain on a Handbag

After a few years, a handbag's chain can look old, worn and the paint may start to chip. To give your purse chain a facelift, spray paint it with metallic spray paint like Rustoleum craft paint or Krylon's Premium Metallic Paint. It will give your purse a whole new life and make the chain good as ne

Jane Addams Book Awards For Kids' Books That Promote Peace

Children's Books - The Jane Addams Book Awards recognizes children's books that promote peace, social justice and equality. Each year, two children's books are honored as winners and several other books may be selected as Honor books.

A Little Bit Over There And Some Here.

As I recall. I used one of my past tips to resolve what to blog about. A little bit of mammal humor, quite catty in fact. What struggling writer wouldn't want to be the author ...

Comic Book Value 101

A resource of tips and tricks in finding the value of your comic books.

Internet Marketing Gurus Expose Themselves!

That would be a doozy for CNN! To clear things up, they didn't expose themselves willingly. I'm guessing they aren't too happy about it either. For those of you with an interest in internet marketing, ...

Caribbean Cooking Books

Caribbean cookbooks provide a glimpse of the island culture through its cuisine.antigua caribbean beach image by Andrew Howard from Fotolia.comCaribbean cuisine is often highly flavored and features warm spices such as ginger and anise complementing the coolness of native fruits like...

Writing a Profit Pulling Copy

If you want your copy to have a high conversion rate, you have to focus on more than just writing. It requires you to understand the needs of your readers so they can be persuaded ...

Beast Boy

A character gallery of DC Comics Teen Titans.

How to Host a Murder Mystery Book Club

A murder mystery book club is a delightful way to share your interest with like-minded readers of suspense novels and thrillers. You need to find at least three or four (preferably six to eight) other people who enjoy the genre to invite to your club. Once you have a group and set up a meeting and h

Searching For the Best Car Speakers

For more years then I may want to remember, I've been involved in car audio. Even though the automobile manufacturers have significantly improved their stock sound in recent times, they nonetheless can't reach the quality ...

GameStorm 13 Review

A review of GameStorm 13, a gaming convention in Vancouver, Washington.

How to Create ePub Format Books

E-books are available in many different formats, with ePub being one of the most popular and widely supported. The format is an open standard, so you can convert your existing digital books from a Word doc, raw text file or other electronic document into an ePub-formatted e-book using free online to

The Tools Of Investing

Investing in comics requires tools for the collector. Learn how to protect, track, and manage your comic book collection. Find out about the latest software and websites that will help you invest in your comics.


The Sin City DVD comes out August 16th. Take a look at some photos from Frank Miller's Sin City. A gallery of images from Sin City. Bruce Willis as Hartigan.

Copywriting Secrets to Convert More Prospects

When working as an Internet marketer copywriting is a very good skill to have. It helps increase you sales greatly. For a good copy to be written many factors should be kept in mind in ...

The Probate Method in California - What to Count on!

The probate process in California starts with a legal request or petition that opens the estate and names a PR or personal representative who will take care of the deceased's house. An official Discover for ...

Cute Ways to Decorate the Cover of a Composition Book

Turn a plain composition book into a stunning work of art with just a few supplies and a dash of imagination. Keep it sophisticated yet understated, or go all out by adding copious amounts of color and embellishments. Make several altered composition books to give to friends as gifts. You can use on