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How to Link Bluetooth Plantronics to a BlackBerry 8900

Your BlackBerry 8900 supports a Bluetooth headset profile, making it complatible with any Plantronics-brand headset. To use the two devices together, you'll first need to link them through a process referred to as pairing. Pairing is a one-time setup, and makes connecting to your Plantronics in the

How to Build a One Tube Crystal Radio

Building a crystal radio for a Boy Scout merit badge or science fair project is not only a fun activity but a learning experience. Constructing a black box out of paper, wire and a piece of fool's gold that captures electromagnetic waves and converts them into intelligible sound is an amazing accomp

How to Rip DVD Subtitles

Although ripping DVDs is fairly simple, ripping the subtitles off a pre-existing disc can be a little tricky. Since subtitle encoding varies from disc to disc, and the text is often encoded separately from the video files, ripping subtitles can seem like a daunting task. However, with some freeware

How to Use Canon430EX on Nikon D60

The Nikon D60 camera was introduced in March 2008. The compact digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera is designed as an entry-level DSLR camera for photographers who want to move from point and shoot models. While Nikon does produce a line of external flash units called "Speedlights," you can use

How Can I Locate a File on My BlackBerry?

The BlackBerry smartphone is capable of storing a wide range of file formats. It includes PowerPoint, Excel and text document viewing capabilities. It also can play certain video and audio files. While a default search option is not readily available on the home screen, you can search the BlackBerry

How to Connect the Grounding Wires of a Pro-Ject Turntable to the Phono Stage

Pro-Ject Audio is an Austrian manufacturer of components targeted to the home audio market, with a strong presence in turntables, tonearms and accessories. While the vinyl LP was largely replaced by the compact disc, it never fully disappeared from the scene and vinyl enthusiasts remain to this day.

LED Strip Lights for your Car

LED Strip Lights run at 12V, which makes them the perfect lighting accessory for a car. Most car batteries, with the exception of diesel batteries, operate at 12V, so these Lights can be connected dir

How to Perform International Calling on a Cell Phone

Although cell phones provide an unprecedented level of connection these days, their convenience comes with a definite cost. This is especially true when staying in touch with family, work contacts or friends who live overseas. Unfortunately, the difficulty involved in making an international call fr

How to Troubleshoot Portable DVD Players

If you're traveling any distance and your portable DVD player stops working, follow these steps to troubleshoot the gear before your children go ballistic. Simple repairs can often be made at little cost. Chances are, a few quick checks could have your machine spinning movies again, sparing your san

Five Best Features of Kindle Book Readers

Are you looking to buy a reading device from the family of Kindle book readers? Then find out which five features the Kindle has that blow away the competition! Kindle book readers are your best ...

How to Move Pics to a Memory Card on the Samsung Seek

When you insert a memory card into your Samsung Seek, it automatically saves all the pictures you take to the card. Pictures you took before you inserted the memory card stay on the phone. Free up space in the phone's internal memory by moving the old pictures to the microSD card. You can move the p

Car Stereo Types

There are many types of car stereos for different needs.Car interior image by mashe from Fotolia.comCar stereos come in different types for different needs. Car stereos can be self-powered or need a power amplifier to run larger speakers, play CDs, MP3s and data discs. Selecting a stereo...

How to Remove a Spotlight Search in an iPhone

The Spotlight Search feature of the Apple iPhone allows you to perform a sweeping search of various content on your device. You can execute a Spotlight Search for applications, music, videos, contacts, notes, podcasts. If you don't want your iPhone to look through certain content, remove that partic

How to Buy an MP3 Player With a Check Through Checkout With PayPal

PayPal is an online payment processor that allows you to purchase goods online through various payment methods outside of the standard debit or credit card. If you're in the market for a new MP3 but would rather opt to pay by way of a check, PayPal makes this possible. Use this guide to help you fun

Adcom Preamp: The Remote Volume Control Does Not Work

Adcom, a high-end audio and home theater manufacturer, has been around since 1979. Despite their longevity, Adcom's products are not exempt from problems. In particular, Adcom's 600, 715 and 750 preamplifier models suffer from remote control issues.

How to Fix a Kodak C633 Lens Error

The Kodak EasyShare C633 is a digital point-and-shoot camera. Like many point-and-shoot cameras, the Kodak C633 features a lens that retracts into the camera body when the camera is switched off. This lens, under normal circumstances, extends when the camera is turned on, and further extends when th