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Healthy Way to Let Out Your Depression and Anger

Depression and anger both are conditions of mental state of a human being. Both of these disorders are dangerous for overall health conditions of human being. They both occur simultaneously, both are considered as companions.

Fast Track to Joy

In 1999 researchers at Duke University divided depressed patients into three groups: The first group did 30 minutes of jogging or brisk walking three times per week. The second group took Zoloft (an antidepressant). The third group exercised and took Zoloft.

Anxiety Depression Treatment With Dhea

The severity of the symptoms in anxiety and depression prevents a person living a normal life, or the life that is normal for them. Instead of being in control of their hormones, their hormones control them. It is not surprising then, that anxiety and depression treatment should exist in the form of

Treatment for Depression in Teenagers / Adolescents

As a rule, teenagers or adolescents with depression do not respond to parental attempts to encouragethem to think positively. Teenagers and adolescents very often necessitate professional help froma psychologist and therapist to surpass their symptoms.

Fight Depression - The Various Ways of Doing It

If you want to properly fight depression, you need to get proper treatment and this can be done with the help of a specialist. There are medications that you can use to treat this condition.

8 Tips to Undo the Blues

Tip 1 - Turn Up the Lights. Many of us are impacted by light. Studies have shown that many people get more depressed in the winter time due to the decrease in the amount of sunlight or natural lighting. Try having more lights on in the house, or turn up the wattage. If that does not help, you might

Caregiver Depression

Depression in caregivers is very common. The complex role of many caregivers comes with several responsibilities that could create stress to them.

Adolescent Depression - Causes and Best Treatment Options Available

Adolescent depression is a certain disorder that can occur during ones teenage years. What this type of depression involves are things like loss of interest, feelings of uselessness, constant sadness and discouragement among other negative feelings. You cannot predict whether a teenager will become

The Effect of Insomnia and Depression

One of the symptoms of depression is insomnia. It is a well know fact that depression and insomnia are connected. Now some research studies are showing that instead of insomnia being a symptom - the effect of insomnia may be a trigger for depression as well. The question is - can treating one preven

Go From SAD to Glad Using Light Therapy for Depression

Medications, in singles and in combinations, have been known to treat severe depression cases. However, for temporary types of depression (like the seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD), research had proven that light therapy is an effective first-line treatment, whatever is the severity o

Diet and Depression

While science hasn't discovered a dietary cure for depression, research shows that eating nutrient-rich foods and getting sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals may help your mood. Learn more from the experts at WebMD.