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Discover and Invent

The verb "discover" means to become aware of something previously unknown. The verb "invent" means to make (or make up) something that previously did not exist.

Today in Francophone History

Learn about important dates in French and francophone history: famous birthdays, holidays and celebrations, and other milestones.

The Socratic Method: The Elenchus

In a dialogue, the elenchus is the so-called Socratic method of questioning someone to test the cogency or credibility of what he or she has said.


A degree adverb that decreases the effect of a modified item.

Martial Arts Schools in the Philippines

Martial arts schools in the Philippines are at their busiest during summer.karate image by schaltwerk from Fotolia.comMartial arts schools are popular in the Philippines, especially for children and teens. A number of schools involve both local and foreign martial arts systems, including...

un socle

What does the French word socle mean? How is it pronounced and used?

une bête

What does the French word bête mean? How is it pronounced and used?