Florida Has 5 of the Top Cruise Cities in the United States

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Definition of waterline

Rendezvous Lounge

Picture of the Rendezvous Lounge on the Celebrity Infinity cruise ship

Mingling with Fellow Singles on a Singles Cruise

Going to a travel agency that specializes in singles cruise trips is very important. If you blindly book a cruise trip on your own, then you cannot be sure how many singles you will meet onboard.

Explore Spectacular South Africa With Great Cruise Deals

Exploring Africa by ship may not yet be the most common of cruise holidays, but with a wide range of cruise deals covering a brilliant selection of ports of call, you'll be surprised at how many options there are for excursions, routes and on-board activities to this somewhat less popular desti

Specialty Dining Onboard Cruise Ships

Cruises used to be all inclusive, but these days they are finding more and more ways to implement additional charges such as specialty restaurants. This article goes into some detail as to why you might want to consider dining in one of these restaurants even through there is an additional cost.

Caravan Parks – The Best Holiday, a Family Could Get

While thinking about holidaying, the first scene that emerges before our eyes is money is flowing like water out of our wallet. Well, it is not always the case and basically, it would depend upon the

Cruise Celebrations For Weddings, Anniversaries and Other Milestones

With a little planning, any cruise can be turned into a special event whether it be romantic in nature like a honeymoon, renewal of vows, anniversary or engagement to a lively birthday celebration -- you can do it all on a cruise ship.Cruise lines are aware of the captivating effects that their vess

Travel the World in Luxury and Unparalleled Style

Luxury tours have been changing the travel landscape for the wealthy.These tours aren't the rigid, crowded, and exhausting nightmares that have been associated with some cheaper tours.A luxury tour is a unique travel experience, where you work together with a team of experts to be able to plan