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DUI Charge Advice

For many people, facing DUI charges has the potential to be a life altering experience.If you are convicted, it can have a range of possible impacts ranging from losing your license, to having very expensive car insurance, to possibly paying a huge fine, facing prison time, or being forced to go on

Work and Crime Are Opposites

Our laws do not appreciate that work and crime are opposites. To reduce crime, we need to teach offenders to work hard in prison industries.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are accused of committing a criminal offense, whether you are guilty or not, it's imperative that you hire the right criminal defense lawyer. You may be facing consequences such as jail time, probation, ...

Criminal Case Law Counts Are Significantly Down in 2010 and 2011 - But Why?

Generally speaking as the economy turns south, crime goes way up. Well, usually that is true of course, but right now the criminal courts are not packed with criminals and their criminal lawyers trying to get them off the hook. Oh, sure there are some cases, there will always be crime, after all we

How to Report Post Office Fraud

File a complaint with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) right away if you're receiving letters in the mail promoting questionable products or services or if you've been the victim of a scam. The USPIS investigates cases involving the use of the U.S. Postal Service to attempt or carry out fr

Early Signs of a Juvenile Criminal

The criminal world is filled with people who entered it in their youth. The signs of a juvenile criminal are apparent in a person since his or her childhood. A child might show different characteristics that answer the illegal actions done in the future.

A Review on Various Stun Master Stun Guns

Different self defense products have been made available to provide options to people and their different situations. Popular to many is the stun gun which by simply going off, can scare and deter a would-be attacker. One of the most popular stun gun brands is the Stun Master and the article below r

Just Causes for Being Pulled Over

Many drivers are unaware that police officers cannot simply stop drivers on a whim or a hunch. This is true regardless of whether the police officer has a hunch that the individual is a drug dealer or that the individual is driving under the influence of alcohol.

How to Obtain Criminal History Information

A criminal history check provides information regarding fraud, theft, assault, drugs and even criminal traffic violations. Criminal history information is available to the public and several employers require a criminal history check before an applicant is hired. Jobs within the school system or chi

Credit Card Application Fraud Prevention

Credit card application fraud occurs when someone uses someone else's personal information, such as a Social Security number, to apply for and obtain a credit card. All purchases and payments made on this credit card will now reflect on the other person's credit, which can be damaging if the card ca

To Profile Or Not to Profile - This Appears to Be the Question

We study criminology almost to the point of exhaustion, and we came up with some pretty interesting statistics; statistics that are indeed so relevant that they almost cannot be denied. Profiling is nothing new, we know an awful lot about the subject, still, when we mention the word many of us cring

Possession of Controlled Substances

If you were accused of drug possession, there are probably many questions going through your mind. Please read more to find out about the charges and penalties of this offense.

How to Get Rid of a Warrant

If you have a warrant the last thing you should do is nothing. Having an outstanding warrant means you can be arrested at any moment, even for the smallest of infractions. You want to take of a warrant as soon as possible. In most cases, clearing up a warrant can be as easy as making an appointment