How to Disable CD Autoplay in XP

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How to Keep Windows From Disk Checking on Startup

Check Disk is a helpful utility that's available in most versions of Windows. Check Disk, also called CHKDSK, will scan your computer's hard disk, check for errors or bad sectors, and repair them if possible. You can manually enable it, or schedule it to run automatically later. If you are using Win

How to Enable Java in Windows Vista

Java is a programming language used by many websites, cell phones and portable media devices. It allows you to play games, chat, view 3D images and more. According to the developers, it powers more than 4.5 billion devices. It is a free application that downloads and installs easily on your Windows

How to Troubleshoot Windows XP When It Will Not Restart After Repair

When your computer starts up, it follows a very specific set of instructions every time. Based on the clues your computer gives you, if it has any problem during the start-up process you can locate the problem and fix it. When your computer has been repaired, there are various things that could have

How to Boot From a Win98 Boot Disk

The Microsoft Windows 98 operating system offers an excellent safeguard for users having problems booting their computer. Windows 98 allows you to create a boot disc for your computer during installation, or anytime after the operating system has been installed. A Windows 98 boot disk lets you boot

How to Replace a Wood Windowsill

Windows not only provide ventilation, but they add beauty to both the interior and exterior of a home. Rotted windowsills can detract from your home's appearance, as well as lead to structural damage. With some basic tools and know-how, almost any do-it-yourself homeowner can replace a wood windowsi

How to Convert Windows Filetime

Windows FileTime is a variable option in the Windows development library that enables you to calculate the length of time it has been since a file was created on the computer. Convert the FileTime variable to a local time reading to increase its readability in your Windows application. Accomplish th

How do I Get Rid of Blue Screen Messages?

The "blue screen of death" is an unpleasant sight for any Windows user. A blue screen is indicative of a serious system error. To avoid getting these messages in the future, address the root cause of the problem.

How to Share a Scanner in Vista

If you have a scanner connected to your computer, you can use the settings in Windows Vista to share it with the other computers connected to your network. Being able to share the scanner means that you do not need to buy an extra scanner for every computer on your network. To access the scanner's s

How to Get the Task Manager to Open

The Task Manager is a utility in Windows that lets you view the running processes, services and network activity on your computer. You can access the Task Manager through a variety of methods, depending on your individual preferences and the situation you are in when you need to open the Task Manage

How to Update Oleaut32.dll

The Oleaut32.dll system file is part of the Microsoft Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) DLL program. OLE enables users to embed items from one application to another i.e. inserting an Access database inside Microsoft Word. It is an essential component within Windows-based systems. Updating the Olea

How to Change the Search Provider From the Address Bar on Windows XP

By default, when you search the Web using the address bar in Internet Explorer, your search will be completed through a Microsoft-owned website, such as Bing. However, Internet Explorer gives you the ability to change the default search for Internet Explorer to any site you like. Use Internet Explor

How to Install Windows XP X 64

Windows XP x64 is the 64-bit version of XP Professional. In comparison with the 32-bit version, XP x64 is designed for computers that have 64-bit processors. Basically, Windows XP x64 works with more memory. This version supports up to 16 TB (terabytes) of virtual memory and 128 GB (gigabytes) of ph

How to Make Your Laptop Louder

When playing audio or video files, you need to adjust the volume of your laptop so that you can clearly hear them. A laptop usually has its own speakers built in, but they are usually not as powerful as external speakers. You may make use of speakers or a headset to achieve more powerful sounds. If

How to Disable a Serial Mouse on XP

A common bug that many Windows XP users have encountered is known as the "jumping mouse" bug. The bug has this name because of a defect that affects the serial ports of the computer, causing the cursor to jump around the screen. This error occurs because of conflicting signals coming from the serial

How to Install SP1 on Non-Genuine Windows XP

The Microsoft Genuine Advantage utility is a device included with SP2 and later Windows XP updates to ensure that the copy of Windows XP you are using is, in fact, authentic. While a non-genuine copy of XP will prevent you from obtaining SP2 and SP3, there are no such restrictions on SP1. Install SP

How to Uninstall Corrupt Files in Vista

Sometimes, a program becomes corrupt. This can be caused by any number of circumstances, but the most likely is that the user somehow deleted an important file that the program needed in order to work properly. In many cases, this corruption means that the program cannot be easily uninstalled, as it

How to Activate XP Home

Within 30 days of installing Windows XP Home on a computer, the operating system must be activated. During activation, a unique string of 25 letters and numbers, called a product key, is transmitted to Microsoft. The product key verifies that the copy of Windows installed on your computer is used fo

How to Add Hulu to Windows 7 Media Center

The new Windows Media Center in Windows 7 presents some great new features, but lacks any built-in integration with Hulu, the king of Internet streaming television in the U.S. Hulu Labs has developed and released Hulu Desktop, a slick desktop application designed to work with standard Wi

How to Enable a Disabled Cisco 3560 Port

Cisco Catalyst switches include all ports enabled by default. There are several reasons why a port would be disabled in the switch configuration, such as efficiency by disabling a port through remote administration rather than physically unplugging the cable plugged into the port. However, when th