What Are the Differences Among Dell Laptops?

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3 Tips On How To Find a Cheap Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

In today's fast changing world, many computer users have changed their style of using keyboard and mouse. Wireless Bluetooth keyboards and mouse have become their latest choices. Nowadays, when you travel with keyboard and mouse, you don't need to bring along cables anymore. For people who

The History of Pentium III

The Intel Pentium III is unique in the history of Intel processors. At the time of its release in 1999, it was one of the fastest processors in history, and its influence is still seen today in the Intel Core and Core 2 processors. If you have any recent Intel processor in your computer, there is a

Video: How to Lock a Number in Excel on Mac

Video Transcript Hi. I'm Skylar.This is a quick tutorial on how lock a cell in Excel on the Mac. All right. So I've got a couple of cells here, just a really simple formula. All right. What you're going to do is click format then click cells. Also take not of the shortcut so you can...

Xcode Tools

Xcode is a program of developer tools developed by Apple for developing programs for Mac OSX and iOS applications for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Xcode tools features a graphic interface so that programs can be developed visually.

How to Fix a Script Error on a Computer

Script error is a common runtime error that takes place in Microsoft Internet Explorer. It occurs while you are browsing the Web and trying to open a web page that has faulty HTML or Java code. Internet Explorer is designed to debug script errors and when it is unable to do so, IE displays script er

The Best Sata Hard Drives

The hard drive acronym SATA stands for “Serial Advanced Technology Attachment” and is really the data transportation device or bus that carries the information between the hard drive and the computer itself.

How to Convert a USB Printer to LAN

Some PC users might favor always having a printer at their disposal, but space limitations and a budget might not accommodate their wishes. A printers is generally bulky and needs to have its ink and paper resources periodically replenished. A household or office might not be able to afford a bigger

How to Put a Password on a Zip Folder

Archives on your computer store file groupings to keep the information contained therein safe and secure. The files typically are stored in .zip folders, which compress the files to smaller sizes to save space. This makes a .zip folder handy for packing up files you want to share with others before

How to Repair a Missing Key on a Laptop Keyboard

If a key on your laptop keyboard has broken or fallen off you may not be able to use your computer at all. The logical course of action is to replace a missing key, but there's no need to send it all the way into the company and have it charge you an arm and a leg when you can perform the procedure

Learn Blade Servers

What are the Blade servers? How do they help you to achieve an affordable Density? Will they easy your infrastructure maintenance & scalability? Find out all that by reading this article.

Jim Collins Speaks At The Inc. 500 Conference

At the Inc. 500 Conference & Awards Ceremony I was again blessed to hear one of my favorite writers, Jim Collins, speak on the topics covered in his latest book, How the Mighty Fall: and Why Some Companies Never Give In.

How to Run Memory Scanner

Memory is one of the key components of a computer system, so much that many tools are created to check the memory and make sure that it is functioning at optimal settings. A faulty memory problem can make a system completely inoperable and sluggish. Windows has a memory diagnostic tool that can be

How to Find Your Router's Login Password and User Name

Each home router manufacturer has a way to reset and recover router password information. You are not able to view a forgotten password, but you can reset the password to its default to recover access to the router's console. This lets you change the router console password to a known value in case

Things to Consider Before Buying a Network Scanning System

Before considering any networks scanning system, it is important to take into account several things. By making sure that you have selected the system before making an actual purchase, it will save you a great deal of trouble in the long run.

How to Upgrade an Intel Pentium III Processor

The first thing you should think about when upgrading Intel's Pentium III processor is your motherboard. Make certain that it can support a faster processor. Many older motherboards don't have BIOS (Basic Input Output System) support for today's processors and you may need to update your BIOS. If yo

Know How To Fix Printer Spooling Errors

Printer spooling errors can be nagging that can be dealt with by following some instructions. This article teaches the readers to repair the printer by using the print spooler service and by running the Microsoft printer troubleshooter in light mode as well as full mode.

Lenovo T61 Thinkpad Specs

The ThinkPad T61 was a laptop notebook manufactured by Lenovo, the mobile computing division of IBM. The ThinkPad T61 was part of Lenovo's T60 line of notebook computers designed for business and corporate applications. It came bundled with a one-year warranty on parts and labor. The ThinkPad T61 ha

ThinkPad X201 Tablet Specs

The ThinkPad X201 is a convertible notebook computer developed by Lenovo. The company released the computer in 2010. Like the X200 it replaced, the X201's touch screen can rotate and fold flat, allowing the laptop to function like a tablet computer. The computer's additional features include an Inte