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Types of Paint Brushes Used in Applying Acrylic

Most acrylic paint is applied using flat, round or filbert brushes or a variety of other tools. Mop, fan and liner brushes are sometimes used in acrylic painting, but are typically reserved for water color painting. The quality and type of brush used is a determining factor in the success of any acr

How to Build a Boom Pole

Sound production is one of the most important and least obvious aspects of film and video production. A movie or TV show could be beautifully shot and edited, but if dialogue comes in at a low volume, or contains an echo from being recorded too far away, it the overall quality of the work will be ne

How to Oil Paint Using a Limited Color Palette

Art stores carry so many brilliantly hued paints, choosing only a few is difficult. Budding artists often buy many different colors of paint and use them all in one painting, but an overload of random color creates chaos on the canvas. Use the limited color palette of the old masters to paint a land

Make DVD Labels From Poster Scans

Sometimes, the one-sheet poster of a given movie looks much better than the subsequent DVD cover, and they all look better than an empty DVD case. High-definition poster scans, rendered in a computerized format such as jpeg or TIFF, can be used to create an effective DVD label. This comes in handy w

The Sky Crawlers

Mamoru Oshii's dreamlike meditation on warfare, memory and eternal youth is one of his more accessible films, with terrific aerial action sequences.

Tips to Shoot With a Polarizing Filter

Slipping on a pair of polarized sunglasses can be like seeing into a new world. Colors can be more intense, The absence of glare makes things seem sharper, and reflections on glass surfaces may disappear. Slipping a polarizer on your camera does much of the same for your photographs, giving saturati

Stretching Linen Canvas for Oil Painting

Though pre-stretched and primed canvas is available to purchase, many artists prefer to buy their canvas in bulk, and stretch and frame it on their own. This process may be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can easily form your own canvas in whatever size you prefer. Canvas co

How to Draw a Basket

Baskets are handy items and decorative, too. Basket weaving is a creates intricate designs that are sometimes difficult to transfer into drawing form. Picnic baskets, at times, have a high degree of drawing difficulty because of the bends and weaves. You can transfer the technique used in paper ba

How to Put a Signature on a Painting

Signing your painting upon completion gives it authenticity and validity, as you are making a statement that it is your original work of art. This not only makes it official and complete, but art buyers want to know who the artists are in order to buy future paintings from them. Treat the signature

How to Fix a Wall That Is Rough and the Old Paint Has Peeled Off

Aged paint loses its adhering abilities and peels away from the wall, creating cracks and flakes. The wall behind the paint has to be refinished and made smooth in order to get your new paint finish to adhere to the wall properly. A rough and peeling wall is not difficult to repair but does take som

How to Draw Contour Landforms in SketchUp

Create landforms in SketchUp by drawing a series of curves with the Freehand drawing tool, raising those curves to different heights with the Move tool and applying the Contour command to produce the landform. This approach to creating terrain and landforms lets you draw these objects any shape and

Technical Drawing Exercises

Technical drawing exercises are activities that beginning drafters perform to learn how to produce clear plan image by Jon Le-Bon from Fotolia.comTechnical drawing exercises are activities that beginning drafters perform to learn how to produce clear drawings, which are...

Naruto Vs Naruto Shippuden

I'm going to discuss what I like about each series and compare them. What I really enjoy about the original Naruto was the friendships. The relationships between Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.