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Will Leaded Gas Damage My Car?

The fact that most gas stations specifically describe gas as being "unleaded" implies there is some other form of gas that does contain lead. Leaded gas has been largely phased out worldwide, mainly for environmental and safety reasons. This type of gas can cause damage to cars that were manufacture

How to Get a Free Car to Drive With Advertisements

Cars can be extremely expensive. Between the cost of the car, taxes, registration and insurance, driving a car may be unaffordable. If you are hoping to get a free car, driving with advertisements on your vehicle may be the perfect solution. Many companies are willing to pay for individuals to drive

Negotiation Tips for Car Buying

Buying a new car is thrilling. Going down to the dealership and negotiating on the price and payments is not. You can make the negotiation process a little more pleasant and financially beneficial with some planning and knowledge.

How to Get a Licence to Sell Cars in the UK

You do not need a licence to sell cars to the public in England or Wales. But as far as trading standards are concerned, must have the relevant insurance cover and register your business for VAT purposes with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). However, if you plan to operate as a used car dea

Limo Bus for Sale: For Luxury and Comfort

An ideal vehicle for special occasions or a big get together, a limo bus is a highly popular mode of transport amongst people who love to travel with class. Available in various sizes that are capable of housing 15 to 40 people, a limo bus offers several advantages over other vehicles. Choose a limo

How to Sell a Car for Free

If you want to save money selling your car, do it yourself for free. You may think this would narrow your chances of finding a buyer, but it doesn't. There are many approaches you can employ that will reach a vast amount of prospective buyers.

How to Make the Best Cash Car Deal

Buying a car means communicating with salespeople if you want to get a great deal and completing lots of paperwork for the sale. If you're paying cash for an automobile then there are some steps to take that will ensure that you get the best deal possible. Likewise, selling a vehicle brings on its o

An Overview of Cambridge Taxi Cabs

Taxicabs are taxi or vehicles that people can hire. Their main role is to transport any person to the destination they want. Taxicabs are divided into two categories, which are the road taxicabs or ai

How Unfair Sellers Want to Get More Cash for Cars

There are many unfair car owners that come to any lengths to get more cash for cars. They know a lot of tricks that were designed to convince potential buyers that the car they are selling, even if it is a total clunker, is the one that these customers need. The result is that all the time and sacri

Online Auto Auction, The Best Way to Own Your Dream Car

It is a great way of finding a good bargain on a car without even stepping out as well as a great place to find a buyer for your car. You want to find local auctions where you can get awesome cars or just browse around to get a feel for the way things work and to see if it is the way you would like

How to Drill & Tap Threads Into Metal

Whether you are tapping aluminum or steel, you must be careful and use the correct drill to the right depth to properly tap a hole in metal. By using ample tapping fluid and assuring that the tap is going in straight, you can tap a hole perfectly without damaging the part or the tap. Removing a brok

Salvage Title Drawbacks

While salvaged vehicles can save you thousands of dollars off regular used cars, it may not be the best way to purchase a used vehicle. Salvage titles are given to cars and trucks that insurance companies, for one reason or another, deem a "total loss." The insurance company may determine a vehicle

How to Clean the Front of the Radiator in a Chevy Silverado

Known for giving owners a comfortable ride, the Chevy Silverado handles rugged back-roads with ease. Many late Chevrolet models such as the Silverado utilize aluminum radiators that weigh less than their copper/brass counter-parts and contain no lead solder, a substance that corrodes and pollutes th

Now May Not Be the Right Time to Trade In

All of the prognostications are in that used car values are dropping but now may not be the right time to trade in. You have to ask yourself certain questions to determine if now is the right time to trade in your used car.

How to Sell a Damaged Car

When cars are damaged, it can be a difficult task to find a potential buyer. The worst mistake that owners make when selling a car is not letting the buyer know all of the defects before they come to see the vehicle in person. Selling a damaged car may be tough, but it can be done if all of the corr

How to Save Money on a New Car Purchase

Buying a new car can feel like putting a down payment on a house when you consider how much automobiles cost today. You might put off a new car purchase because you're turned off at the thought of making car payments for the next few years. But a savvy shopper can find good deals on new cars if they

Salvage Vehicle Auctions - What You Need to Know About Salvage Auto Auctions

Salvage auto auction is a very interesting method for acquiring an automobile. Through this method, you'll be able to bid for a car instead of haggling for a low price. Instead of purchasing a used vehicle, a lower price is possible in salvage auto auctions because salvage cars often have lower