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How to Replace a 2005 Chevrolet Impala Battery

Throughout the life of your 2005 Chevrolet Impala, you may need to change the battery. Signs that the battery has died or must be replaced include the radio and lights not working properly. Also, if you attempt to start the engine by turning the ignition and the car does nothing, or makes a clicking

How to Make a Subwoofer Box Out of Wood

A subwoofer box is a simple, wooden box made from manufactured plywood (also called MDF or fiber board). It is just big enough to hold the speaker and fits inside of your car. Build these as big as you like, but no smaller than your typical speaker. A few handyman skills and some basic tools, along

How to Remove Auto Undercoating

Auto undercoating applied to the chassis of a vehicle protects it from moisture, salt and other mineral deposits that can cause corrosion. The rubberised texture also serves as a sound-deadening layer and minimizes damage caused by small stones and gravel. Over time, the integrity of auto undercoati

How to Program a Keyless Entry Remote for a Yaris

The Toyota Yaris, like hundreds of vehicles available today, features the popular keyless entry remote system. This system comes standard and allows you to control a variety of your vehicle's features. You can program your original remote system, or reprogram the remotes for a different system, in t

Odor Removal for a Gasoline Spill in a Car

Odors from gasoline spilled inside of your car can linger for months, even years, if not removed properly. There are several possible solutions for the removal of gasoline odor in your car to a gas spill, and all of the effect solutions require an agent of some sort to soak up the remnants of the ga

Learning the Different Car Audio Electronics Out in the Market Today

There are available automotive electronics that are popular on the markets today. These are additives on the vehicle systems. These serve as an entertainment for people who have car and other purposes. DVDs, stereos, CD players, mp3 players and gaming devices can be added to the car if wanted. These

How to Disable Onstar in an Escalade

If you own a Cadillac Escalade equipped with OnStar but no longer subscribe to the service, you may want to disable the system. If you do not, Cadillac can still track your movements and may use such information for market research purposes or could even turn over gathered information to third parti

How to Troubleshoot Car Stereo Installation

Proper installation of your car stereo can mean the difference between enjoying your favorite music en route to your destination, or suffering through a long silence. Car stereos typically use only a few electrical connections, and unless you have purchased the wrong stereo unit, they should fit int

Motivations to Contract a Party Bus

How about comfort? A lot of the vehicles which have been intended for this kind of situations are intended in a very certain method and provide the person going every one of the comfort and ...

How to Upgrade OnStar to Version 8

OnStar is a subscription-based service, available in General Motors vehicles, offering various safety features and communication abilities such as roadside assistance, stolen vehicle tracking, navigation and vehicle diagnostics. As of 2009, GM began deploying Version 8 of OnStar in its vehicles. Som

How to Program Keyless Entry Remotes on a Dodge

You can program a keyless-entry remote for many Dodge vehicles, although most newer models require dealer programming. All Dodge vehicles require a currently-programmed remote to enter the synchronization mode. If you don't have a working remote, a visit to your Dodge dealer's service department is

How to Install the Auxiliary Stereo Port in a 2006 Cadillac CTS

Cadillac CTS owners who wish to connect external car audio devices, such as Mp3 players and satellite radio receivers, will need to first establish an auxiliary input to the factory stereo unit. The connections need to be made to the back of the stock stereo deck via FM modulator. You can choose to

The First Essential Feature On The Dvr

Surveillance equipment has progressed over the past ten years and now effective surveillance products are available to the general population at reasonable prices. This growth of technology makes it possible for you to get quality safety and security with professional grade equipment and excellent r

The Millennium Fashion

Finally, let us take a look into the V neck style of mens casual shirts. I especially loved that her pink was not shy; it was bold and unapologetically elegant. Available today for puma speed cat sale?

How do I Remove a Passat CD Player?

Volkswagen Passat owners may find the need to remove their vehicle's factory stereo for various reasons. Connecting an external stereo component, repairing the unit or replacing the CD player are all things that require you to first extract the stock deck from the Passat's dashboard stereo dock. Wha

How to Remove a Clarion Car Audio System

It is relatively simple to remove the "head unit" or "deck" of the control center for a car audio system, regardless of the brand of audio system that is installed. Clarion car audio systems are no different. Care must be taken to ensure that no damage is done to any of the plastic components that

Homemade Marine Antennas

A VHF marine antenna and transceiver is an important safety addition to your boat. It allows you to broadcast radio frequencies while you are out to sea. If you don't have the cash to buy a VHF marine antenna, you can make one in your home in less than an hour.

How to Install a Car Audio Equalizer

The equalizer is installed with a car audio stereo system to help control the various frequency bands. You don't have to try to adjust the sound for every different band's  music you put into your CD player. This device takes care of that. With a few items and some time, you can install this de