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Novice Investors Who Watch Too Much Reality TV

I always enjoy these "Alerts" from people who for whatever reason, don't know what they're saying and haven't a clue what their doing! Either way it's classic to listen to these REALITY TV CLONES reason with a "Realtor" whom makes a living assisting people wit

Know about stock market crash

Prior to the crash people were receiving higher incomes. With more income average people invested in the stock market driving prices up. With an unbelievable amount of prosperity looming in the backgr

Market Crashes over Time

Wikipedia determine market crash as a 'sudden dramatic decline of stock prices across a significant cross-section of a stock market, resulting in a significant loss of paper wealth'. Here is a histori

How to Analyze Real Estate Syndications Before You Invest - 8 Mistakes to Avoid!

Syndicating (or pooling) of your money with others to buy larger commercial real estate projects is a great idea - if executed well. It is a proven path for wealth creation - if bought at the right price and managed well. Not all real estate classes are created equal - and not all operators are equa

Ways to Minimize Income Tax & Invest Your Money

Consider tax efficiency when you invest.stock market crash image by Paul Heasman from Fotolia.comChoosing the right investment is rarely easy, and there are many factors to consider when setting money aside. One factor investors need to consider carefully is tax efficiency. Choosing the...

Blueprint To An Early Retirement - Seven Steps To Success

The single biggest obstacle to a successful retirement is procrastination. For over 30 years I have helped individuals and their families plan for retirement and the most common complaint is that they wished they had started sooner. Use this simple blueprint to help get you started and keep you movi

The Forex Trend Indicator

The Forex trading is a profitable business but it can be quite difficult at times depending upon the experiences people faces. But never mind, with the help of right knowledge and the information and with the help of tools and your experience you can successfully gain huge income returns.

CFD Trading Through Brokers

Many people would like to make a fast buck today with the uncertain economy and they think that the path is through the trading markets. There are many types of trading markets for your choosing but you must research deeply into your preferred one before starting off; otherwise, it is better to go w

Not All Junk Silver Is Trash

Some people may be surprised to learn that what they think is junk silver is actually money in the bank. Just because we no longer have a personal use for an item does not mean ...

The Emerging Markets Story: A Repeat of the 1830s?

I'd like to present a rather eccentric comparison of two market environments; the emerging market boom of the 21st Century and the US boom of the 1830s. During the 1830s, gold, silver and copper circulated as money throughout most of the world.

Why You Should Invest In Physical Gold

It's important to be as diverse as possible when it comes to investing your money. Not all of your money should be in precious metals like gold or silver but they also shouldn't all be ...

Investment Q&a

Timeshares as an investment (not to live in)!? If you buy into a timeshare strictly for investment income, and not to use,but to sub-let your share, what kind of return should you expect monthly? Say-